Simple Trick to solve Blood Relation Questions in 10 seconds: IBPS / SBI Bank Exams

Simple Trick to solve Blood Relation Questions in 10 secondsUseful for IBPS, SBI and other Bank, SSC Exams

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best blood relation tips and tricks for ibps and sbi bank exams

Blood Relation questions are mostly asked in the Logical Reasoning Section of Bank exams like IBPS PO/Clerk/SO, SBI PO/Clerk/SO, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, and other competitive exams, which makes it mandatory to read this topic.

The first step to being able to solve blood relation questions is a logical reasoning of the relations that exist between different members of a family, both close and far. 

We have already gone through the basic concepts in the classroom and circle programs. So now we are moving straight into the important tricks to solve Blood relation questions in less than 10 seconds.

Important Tips to solve Blood Relation Questions

The only son of your father – you (if you are a Male) / Brother (If you are a Female)

The brother of your father – Uncle or Elder Uncle is same case

Wife of your father – Mother

The only son of grandfather / grandmother – Father

The only daughter-in-law of grandfather / grandmother – Mother

Father’s sister – Aunt

Mother-in-law of mother – Grandmother

Father-in-law of mother – Grandfather

The only daughter of the father – Sister (If Male) / You (if Female)

Father of the father – Grandfather

Mother of the father – Grandmother

Son of the Sister – Nephew

Daughter of the sister – Niece

Son of the father of the sister – Brother

Mother of the Mother – Maternal grandmother

The only daughter of maternal grandmother or maternal grandfather – Mother

Father of the mother – Maternal Grandfather

Brother of the mother – Maternal Uncle

Daughter / Son of the brother of the mother – Cousin

Daughter / Son of the uncle – Cousin

Son / Daughter of the sister of the mother – Cousin

Son / Daughter of the sister of the father – Cousin

Sister of the Mother – Maternal Aunt

Father-in-law of the father – Maternal Grandfather

Mother-in-law of the father – Maternal Grandmother

Brother-in-law of the father – Maternal Uncle

Sister-in-law of the father – Maternal Aunt

The only son of maternal grandfather – Maternal Uncle

Son of the only son of the Father – Son

Husband of the sister of the father – Uncle

Son of the only son of the sister of the father – Niece

Son of the Brother – Nephew

Daughter of the brother – Niece

Wife of the brother – Sister-in-law

Son of the only son – Grandson

Daughter of the only son – Granddaughter

Son of the only Daughter – Grandson

Daughter of the only daughter – Granddaughter

Son of the only son of Grandfather or Grandmother – Brother

Daughter of the only son of Grandfather or Grandmother – Sister

Grandfather’s or Grandmother’s only son – Father  

Grandfather’s or Grandmother’s only daughter-in-law – Mother

Father’s father or Mother’s – Grandfather

Father’s Mother or Mother’s – Grandmother

Father’s brother or Mother’s – Uncle

Father’s sister or Mother’s – Aunt

Son’s wife – Daughter-in-law

Daughter’s husband – Son-in-law

Husband’s or wife’s sister – Sister-in-law

Husband’s or wife’s brother – Brother-in-law

Brother’s wife – Sister-in-law

Brother’s or sister’s son – Nephew

Brother’s or sister’s daughter – Niece

Uncle’s or aunt’s son or daughter – Cousin

Sister’s husband – Brother-in-law

Brother’s wife – Sister-in-law

Grandson’s or granddaughter’s daughter – Grand Grand Daughter

Grandson’s or granddaughter’s son – Great Grand Son             

0 1 2 3 4
0 Common Ancestor (Husband-Wife) Child (son or daughter) Grandchild Great Grandchild Great Great Grandchild
1 Child (son or daughter) Sibling (brother or sister) Nephew or Niece GrandNephew or Niece Great Grand Nephew or Niece
2 Grandchild Nephew or Niece First Cousin
3 Great Grandchild GrandNephew or Niece Second Cousin
4 Great Great Grandchild Great Grand Nephew or Niece Third Cousin

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