7 Federal Bank officers from Trivandrum branch » raceinstitute.in

7 Federal Bank officers from RACE Trivandrum branch

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7 Federal Bank officers from RACE Trivandrum branch

The happiness we receive when someone close to our heart achieves a greater thing by breaking the barriers is really an awe inspiring experience. Race has ventured into new cities this year and they have been achieving remarkable achievements. Especially Trivandrum Branch has mastered the art of creating and shaping the aspirants to achieve their dreams.

When every aspirant’s dream is to find a place in the vacancies list and to make a stronghold, the students from Trivandrum are doing it in a splendid manner and achieving their dreams. 7 Aspirants from CHENNAI RACE Trivandrum Branch have achieved the rare feat of mastering the Exams in the first attempt. Clearing the exam has become a difficult process nowadays and clearing in the first attempt is really unprecedented.

CHENNAI RACE fraternity congratulates all the 7 candidates who have cleared the Federal Bank Probationary Officers in the first attempt. 

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