Advanced Grammar Rule – CONJUNCTIONS

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Advanced Grammar Rule - CONJUNCTIONS

Rule 1: Although and though are followed yet or comma (,).

Incorrect- Although she was tired, but she went on working.

Correct- Although she was tired, she went on working.

Rule 2: ‘Both’ should be followed by ‘and’. It should be used in the positive sense. In the negative sense, ‘neither’….. .’nor should be used in place of ‘both’.

Incorrect – Both Ravi as well as Raja were present there.

Correct- Both Ravi and Raja were present there.

Rule 3: ‘Either … or’, ‘neither …. nor: ‘both and’, ‘not only but also’ should be followed by the same parts of speech.

Incorrect- He not only lost his ticket, but also his luggage.

Correct- He lost not only his ticket but also his luggage.

Rule 4: ‘Neither’ should be followed, by ‘nor’, ‘either’ should be followed by ‘or’. Both these should not be confused.

Incorrect- He washed neither his hands nor his face.

Correct- He washed neither his hands nor his face.

Rule 5: ‘No sooner’ should be followed by ‘than’, not by ‘but’ or ‘then’.

Incorrect- No sooner did I enter the room then the students stood up.

Correct- No sooner did I enter the room, than the students stood up.

Rule 6: ‘Hardly’ and ‘scarcely’ should be followed by ‘when’, but not by ‘than’ or ‘that’.

Incorrect-I had scarcely entered the room then the phone rang.

Correct-I had scarcely entered the room when the phone rang.

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