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Animal and Plant Kingdom- PDF Material for SSC & RRB Exams

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Animal and Plant Kingdom- PDF Material for SSC & RRB Exams

1. Largest phylum of animalia which includes insects is – Arthropoda

2. The body of arthropods is covered by – chitinous exoskeleton

3. Water vascular system is the characteristics of which of the following group – phylum Echinodermata

4. Which phylum has a true coelom? – Annelida

5. Which organism possesses characteristics of plants and animals? – Euglena

6. A fat called blubber could be obtained from – blue whale

7. Which type of the phylum is characterized by absence of true coelom? – Nematoda

8. Which one of the following pairs of animals comprises ‘jawless fishes’? – Lampreys and hag fishes

9. In a sponge the whole inner surface of the asconoid is lined by – Choanocytes

10. Which one of the following kinds of animals is triploblastic? – Flat Worms

11. The ______ are undifferentiated embryonic cells and produce the sex cells as well. – Archaeocytes

12. Which of the followings are egg laying mammals – Monotremes

13. Salamander belongs to the class – Amphibian

14. Acoelomates are characterized by – a solid body without a cavity surrounding internal organs

15. Mammals and living birds do not follow the characteristics of – an archosaur common ancestor

16. Which type of combination of phylum and description is incorrect – Calcarea – gastrovascular cavity, coelom present

17. In which of the animals the heart does not have the left and right auricles – cartilaginous and bony fishes

18. Hepatic portal system is present in all – amniotes and anamniotes only

19. Schizocoelic phyla are – Annelid, Arthropoda and Mollusca

20. Globe fish is a – Vertebrate Organism

21. In which of the following the heart is not ventral in position – Crabs

22. Paired segmental nerves have dorsal and ventral roots in – vertebrates

23. Bilateral symmetry is seen in the body organisation of – annelid, arthropods and vertebrates

24. Animals living on the tree trunks are known as – Arboreal

25. Octopus belongs to the phylum – Mollusc

26. Prawn belongs to the phylum – Arthropoda

27. Malaria parasite and amoeba grouped under – Protozoa

28. Locomotary organ of amoeba – cilia

29. Slipper shape animal is – Paramecium

30. Sycon belong to the class – Calcarea

31. Parazoa includes – porifera

32. The only fresh water species of sponges is – Spongilla

33. Bath sponge belong to the class – Desmospongia

34. The nitrogenous waste in cockroach is mainly excreted as – uric acid

35. The male and female cockroach can be distinguished by their – anal styles

36. Free living Platyhelminthes forms belong to the class – turbellaria

37. Schistoma is called – blood fluke of man

38. Hemocoelic body cavity is a characteristics of – cockroach

39. A common feature between cockroach and earthworm is – ventral nerve cord

40. The communication in bees by special body movement was discovered by – karl von frisch

41. The respiratory organs in a fresh water mussel are – gills

42. Devil fish is the common name of – octopus

43. Earthworm possess hearts – 4 pairs

44. sound box of birds is called – syrinx

45. jelly fish belong to which phylum – cnidaria

46. Octopus belong to the – phylum molluscs

47. The character of birds without exception is – beek without teeth

48. Egg of birds are – telolecithel

49. Pneumatic bone is found in – pigeon

50. Metagenesis is found in the life history of – obelia

51. Medusa is – asexually reproducing zooid

52. Cyanobacteria are classified under – Protista

53. The embryo sag of an angiosperm is made up of – 7 cells and 8 nuclei

54. The giant red wood tree is a – gymnosperm

55. To which group does volvox belong – green algae

56. Name the plant from which Ephedrine is extracted – Ephedra ( used for the treatment of asthma)

57. – – – – – – – – – – – Is a plant body , which is not differentiated into root, stem, and leaves. – Thallus

58. What are the photosynthetic pigments present in red algae – Phycobilins

59. How important is the present of air bladder in Pisces? – it regulates buoyancy.

60. The segmentation in the body is first observed in –

61. The animals inwhich the body cavity is absent are called – acoelomates, – e.g., platyhelminthes

62. Cnidarians exhibit two basic body forms called – polyp and medusa

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