Basic English Grammar: Tense – 3 »

Basic English Grammar: Tense – 3

Basic English Grammar to score in any competitive exam Use of Future Simple Tense
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Basic English Grammar: Tense - 3


Subject + shall / will + V1 + Object

Use of Future Simple Tense:

Rule 1: To express an action that is still to take place. Ordinarily, ‘shall’ is used with First Person (‘I’ and ‘we’) and ‘will’ is used with Second (‘you’) and Third Persons (‘he, she, it, single name and plural names’).

For example:

(a) We shall have a party.

(b) He will help us

Rule 2: This tense expresses an action that is to take place in future. Words like soon, shortly, in a few moments, tomorrow, next week/month/year etc. indicate future action.

For example:

(a) He will go to Delhi next Monday.

(b) We shall play a match tomorrow.

Rule 3: When the Main Verb is in the Future Tense, use Present Simple in Conditional Clauses beginning with if, till, as soon as, when, unless, before, until, even if, in case and as,

For example:

(a) I shall go for the preparation when I shall receive the call letter. (Incorrect)

I shall go for the preparation when I receive the call letter. (Correct)

(b) When he arrives, the team will play the National Anthem.

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