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TNPSC releases the TNPSC Group 4 CCSE IV Recruitment every year during the month of June. It is the exact time to start your Preparation for the TNPSC CCSE IV Recruitment.

Since SSLC (10th Standard) is the basic Qualification for the TNPSC CCSE 4 Recruitment, there has been a huge aspirant will be focusing on this examination.

The number of applications received for the TNPSC Group IV a.k.a CCSE IV Recruitment gets doubled every year. We can realize the level of competition in the upcoming years by remembering the last year’s numbers.

Roughly 7 lakh aspirants have appeared for the TNPSC Group IV Recruitment last year & TNPSC is estimating this to go 200% this year that will be 14 Lakhs applications for TNPSC CCSE IV.


 We can point this out here, TNPSC Group IV or CCSE IV Recruitment Selection procedure has been derived decades ago. Aspirants who covered 6th to 10th Standard Samacheer Kalvi Books could able to get sure shot of 150+ Questions out of 200.

Since it is easy for those who Practice, due to the competition & category wise vacancy segregations; the easy becomes little tougher for a Self-Practicing aspirant.

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Best TNPSC Group / CCSE IV Coaching Institute


Self-Practice for the TNPSC Group IV Examination will be a little difficult because we are not very sure about what can be tested (in Examination), how the Examination is going to be? How should I approach the examination without any fear? Intuition asks, Am I deviating myself from the TNPSC CCSE IV Syllabus? & the most important question will be “What the 13,99,999 aspirants do during your Practice?”. Please Don’t try to find an answer for any of these questions yourselves. Only 3% of the aspirants who SELF-PRACTICE (Dedicated) can score 100+ in the TNPSC CCSE IV Examination. If Category based Cut-off, Document Verification, etc., are considered, only a few Self-Practicing students can grab the sword till the end. So, these questions will not be a matter for those who getting Coaching in RACE Institute.

Inquire RACE Institute for TNPSC CCSE IV Coaching

Being the Regular Follower of what is happening in TNPSC Group IV Examinations since 2012, we can simply answer you all the Questions that existed above.

The answer is going to be Our Study Materials (Latest Pattern), Practice Programs, Material Handouts, Mentors, Online & Offline Mock Examinations, and Special Sessions, etc.

Aspirants who join our TNPSC Coaching will be able to crack any TNPSC Examinations including Group I Prelims & the examinations conducted by TRB etc.

We are following centralized Coaching & Practice Strategy for all (TNPSC Group II, IIA, IV, VAO etc) Examinations.

RACE Institute can foresee the changes that are going to be happen in future in Selection Procedures & implement / improve the Coaching & Practice Strategy based on the analysis.

Our TNPSC Results since 2016 proves our strength & Impressionist strategy that we follow for years.

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