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Biology Skeletal System – PDF Material for SSC & RRB Exams

Check here for Biology Skeletal System download free PDF Material for SSC & RRB Examination
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Biology Skeletal System – PDF Material for SSC & RRB Exams

1. The human skeletal system consists of both fused and individual bones supported and supplemented by ligaments, tendons, Muscles and cartilage

2. Skeletal system divided into – two parts

a) Axial Skeleton (80 bones) (It includes Skull, vertebral column and bones of chest)

b) Appendicular Skeleton (126 bones) (It protects the major organs of Locomotion, Digestion, Exertion and reproduction)

3. Which one is responsible for the upright position of the human body?-Vertebral column

a) Skull bones-29 bones

b) Facial bones -14

c) Ear occicles-6 bones

4. Pivot is a join is located in – Radius and Humerus.

5. Which one join the muscles and bones? – Tendons

6. The muscles Which join the bone to bone is called Ligaments

7. Osteoporosis – It is a loss of bone density due to excessive absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the bone

8. Birds have spongy bones with air filled spaces is called? – Pneumatic bones

9. Rigor Mortis-It is the state of body Stiffening after death

10. Which bone protects the brain?-Cranium

11. Which makes bones so strong?- calcium and phosphorus

12. The hallow space in the middle of the bones is filled with – Bone marrow

13. Muscles are made up of group of cells called fibres

14. The longest bone in the human body is – Femur

15. The number of saddle joints in human body is – 2 (Meta carpal and carpal).

16. What is the number of floating ribs in humans? – Two Pairs.

17. What type of joint is found in wrist? Gliding joint

18. The branch of medical science which deals with the prevention or correction of the musculoskeletal system is called-Orthopaedics

19. Which of the following is sesamoid bone? – Patella

20. Which of the following bones of the skull is movable? Mandible

21. Human body contains how many types of muscles? – 639

22. Muscles specialized to contraction are three types Striated, unstriated and cardiac.

23. Striated muscles also called skeletal muscles or voluntary muscles. they are present in Limbs, tongue, Pharynx.

24. Unstriated muscles – It is involuntary muscles and present in urinary bladder in walls of large blood vessels and alimentary canals

25. Cardiac muscles – They are involuntary Striated and non-fatigued fibres which are found in the wall of heart where they form myocardium.

26. Hips (Pelvic gridle) contains how many bones -2

27. Joint name location

a) Hinge – ankle, knee, elbow

b) Ball and Socket -Shoulder and hip

c) Gliding -Vertebra, Radio-ulna and carpals

28. The smallest bone in the human body is – Stapes in ear

29. Which diseases are caused due to inadequate mineralization of the bones – Rickets and Osteomalacia.

30. which is the very first layer of the bone is – Periosteum (It also supplies the bone with necessary nourishment through blood vessels and contains nerves that provide sensation to the bones.)

31. The bone marrow is located within the medullary cavity, also known as the marrow cavity

a) red bone marrow is responsible for the formation of blood cells,

b) The yellow bone marrow is responsible for the storage of fatty tissues that are used by the body to gain energy in the absence of food

32. What percent of our body weight is muscles – 40%

33. How many facial muscles in human body? – 30 Muscles

34. What is the largest muscle in the body? – Gluteus Maximus.

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