RACE Students -FREE 40 SBI PO Mains Exam Series 2018

SBI (State Bank of India) recently released the most awaited SBI PO Prelims Examination Results on their official website.

Check Your SBI PO 2018 – Prelims Result Here

In RACE Institute, 7 out of 10 Banking Students have appeared for the SBI PO and Clerk Prelims Examinations and it is going to be the Great Year for our Students and the institution to prove ourselves by providing unmatchable results in SBI Examinations.

Keeping that in mind, our RED Team Members have decided to provide around 40 SBI PO Mains Examination 2018 for the candidates cleared SBI PO Prelims Examination.

In which 10 of them will going to be the Full-Length Online Mock Examination for SBI PO Mains Examination.

We are advising you to attend at least a MOCK TEST daily and analyze the attempt to enhance your preparation for the SBI PO Mains Examination 2018.

Upon completing this registration, you will be getting access to the following exams and handout materials.

1. 10 SBI PO Mains Examination – with Explanation

2. Last 4 Months Current Affairs (in short), CA Quiz, Banking Awareness & Quiz – Capsule

3. Sectional SBI PO Mains Examination – with New pattern Questions

4. Topic-based Examination (20 Questions each) – 100% creative Questions

By practicing all the given above, you will be taking around 40 Mock Examination questions (Online & Offline combined) and that will make you a Master in SBI PO Mains Examination for SURE.

RACE Students who have cleared SBI PO Prelims Examinations are advised to register in Student Dashboard (Simbatech) before 21st July 2018.

Our only motto is to make you an SBI PO Officer. And what is yours?

Register Now.

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