Basic English Grammar: Preposition – 2

Basic English Grammar: Preposition - 2


OF: It is used to show the relation, quality or reason.

  1. Mr.vinod  kapoor is the principle of my school.

  2. He died of jaundice.

  3. He is a man of high character.

FROM: It is used to tell about any place, With Indefinite Tense, With point of Time

  1. He comes back from Punjab.

  2. She plays from morning till evening.

  3. Light comes from the sun.

SINCE: It is used in perfect Tense with certain time.

I have known him since 1970.

FOR: With Perfect Tense, It is used to exchange one Thing with another thing and It is used for any goal.

  1. She has been living here for three years.

  2. She bought a shirt for five hundred rupees.

  3. I did it for your good.


  1. The work should be finished by next Monday.

  2. Ram caught me by the neck.

WITH: It is used to tell about the company.

  1. He went to Gujarat with his brother.


  1. He came after 10a.m.

  2. We ran after the thief.


  1. A man stood behind the curtain.


a)That an occurrence continues, or a situation persists, throughout the whole of a specified period.

Example: During the war food was rationed.

b) That an event place within a specified period of time.

Example: During rainy days, frogs make noise.

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