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Our Practice Village (Salem) is accepting Banking students from RACE branches Now. RACE Students who have appeared/cleared SBI Clerk or PO Examinations / Bank of Baroda PO Examinations are advised to Register themselves in Student Dashboard (Simbatech) to continue their Practice in Practice Village.

The 12 Acre Distraction Free Place located near Attayampatti Village in Salem Namakkal National Highway.

With more than 20 hours Practice, our Practice Village is providing huge effort in making each and every student a Bank Officer.

Those who willing to Continue their Preparation in Practice Village can Register before 15th July at 6 PM.

Only Registered students are allowed to continue their practice in Practice Village Salem.

We have allotted limited seats for all the branches. On the first come first serve basis, students who registering earlier will get a chance to go to Practice Village.

For more details about Accommodation, Food; Please contact Practice Village Mentor.

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23/12/2019BANKCHENNAI Enquire Now
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30/12/2019BANK + SSCJAYANAGAR Call & Inquire
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