General Studies One-liner 8: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF

281) Which acid is stored in batteries

Sulphuric acid

282) In a rechargeable cell what kind of energy is stored within the cell

Chemical energy

283) pH-scale ranges from


284) Disadvantage of using DDT as pesticide is

Not easily degradable in nature

285) Hydrochloric acid is also known as Muriatic acid

286) The chemical name of Hypo commonly used in Photography is– sodium Thiosulphate

287) Which silver salt is used for making film of photography?

Silver Bromide (Ag Br)

288) What changes will happen to a bowl of ice and water kept at exactly zero degree Celsius?

No change will happen

289) What is the chemical composition of Heavy Water?


290) The amount of chlorine available in water after disinfection called as Residual chlorine

291) Alum stops bleeding in a minor cut because of– Coagulation

292) What is the meaning of Reader in wastewater treatment process?


293) A Liquid is said to be boiled when its– Vapor pressure is equal to the surrounding pressure

294) The Physical method Commonly used to purify Sea water is– Desalination

295) Which metal is extracted from Sea water


296) When Chloroform is exposed to air, it undergoes oxidation releasing a toxic gas?


297) Nitrogen has Higher ionization energy than oxygen because in Nitrogen there is–Half Filled Stable configuration in 2p orb

298) The Gas dissolved in water that makes it basic is


299) Hygroscopic objects are those which instantly absorb– Water vapors

300) Cloud is a colloidal of

Water drop in a dispersion medium of air

301) What is the fourth State of Matter?


302) Suspended colloidal particles in water can be removed by the process of


303) Iodine can be separated from a mixture of Iodine and potassium chloride by Sublimation

304) What will be the form of Nitrogen in sewage water is completely oxidized?


305) Heating of ore in the absence of air below its melting point is called Calcinations

306) It is not advisable to sleep under the tree at night because trees release– Carbon dioxide

307) Producer gas is Highly Poisonous due to the presence of

Carbon Monoxide

308) Pasteurization is a process in which milk is Heated at– 630degree C for 30 min

309) Green House effect means Trapping of solar energy due to carbon dioxide.

310) Zinc Phosphide is commonly used as


311) Gobar gas mainly contains Methane

312) The pair of compounds used as anesthetic in medicine is

Nitrogen dioxide, chloroform

313) The drug which Lowers anxiety and provide Peace


314) The branch of medicine involving synthetic chemical compounds is– Allopathic

315) Silicon is a Polymer of Dialkyl dichloro silane

316) PVC is obtained by the polymerization of

Vinyl chloride

317) Natural rubber is a polymer of– Isoprene

318) Rayon is formed by


319) Gun Powder is a Mixture of– Potassium Nitrate, Sulphur and Charcoal

320) Chocolates may Harmful to Health because they contain High quantity of


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