Preference Order – RRB NTPC 2019 – 35277 Posts

Preference Order - RRB NTPC 2019 – 35277 Posts

Railway recruitment Board (RRB) of Indian railways released a Recruitment Notification for the selection of 35,277 NTPC Vacancies Pan India. RRB Noticed to accept Online Applications till 31st March 2019.

While Applying for the RRB NTPC 2019 Vacancies, it is required for a candidate to choose the preference order of their choice and that will be taken into consideration by RRB during Final Shortlisting Process.

So, make your choice by using the following information wisely.

RRB NTPC 2019 - Vacancy based Preference Order

The list given below is generated based on the Overall Vacancies. Please Check RRB Regional Preference Order here to get your dream position in RRB NTPC in 2019. 

Order Posts Vacancies
1 Station Master 6865
2 Goods Guard 5748
3 Ticket Clerk 5638
4 Commercial Cum Ticket Clerk 4940
5 Junior Clerk Cum Typist 4319
6 Junior Accountant Assistant Cum Typist 3164
7 Senior Clerk cum Typist 2873
8 Accounts Clerk cum typist 760
9 Trains Clerk 592
10 Commercial Apprentice 259
11 Traffic Assistant 88
12 Junior Time Keeper 17
13 Senior Time Keeper 14

RRB NTPC 2019 - Salary based Preference Order

Pay Scale will be an Important Parameter for the candidates who wish to get a Huge Salary in their first shot. For those of us, here is the universal list of Preference order.

Order Posts Pay Scale
1 Station Master Rs. 35,400
2 Commercial Apprentice Rs. 35,400
3 Goods Guard Rs. 29,200
4 Ticket Clerk Rs. 29,200
5 Junior Accountant Assistant Cum Typist Rs. 29,200
6 Senior Clerk cum Typist Rs. 29,200
7 Senior Time Keeper Rs. 29,200
8 Traffic Assistant Rs. 25,500
9 Commercial Cum Ticket Clerk Rs. 21,700
10 Junior Clerk Cum Typist Rs. 19,900
11 Accounts Clerk cum typist Rs. 19,900
12 Trains Clerk Rs. 19,900
13 Junior Time Keeper Rs. 19,900

RRB NTPC 2019 - Promotion Based Preference Order

The promotions and career opportunities in RRB NTPC jobs are shown below. Applicants may also make use of this to choose their preference order.

RRB NTPC Posts Promotions & Career Path
Commercial Apprentice

1. Passenger Guard

2. Express Guard

3. Section Controller

4. Chief Controller

Traffic Apprentice 1. Up to the position of Divisional Operations Manager
Junior Accountant Assistant

1. Accounts Assistant

2. Junior Accounts Officer

3. Senior Accounts officer

4. Deputy Chief Accounts officer

5. Additional finance advisor

6. Chief Accounts officer

7. Chief Accounts officer / Financial adviser

Station Master

1. Station Superintendent (SS)

2. Assistant Operations Manager

3. Divisional Operations Manager

Traffic Assistant 1. Senior Traffic Assistant
Senior Clerk Cum Typist

1. Chief Trains Clerk

2. Goods Guard

3. Assistant Station Master.

Goods Guard

1. Passenger Guard

2. Express Guard

3. Section Controller

4. Chief Controller

As you can see, RRB NTPC employees have lots of growth opportunities. This could be useful for the candidates to choose their preference order.

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