Registration for Practice Village (SBI PO Super Batch) – For all Branches

Registration for Practice Village (SBI PO Super Batch)

(For all Branch Students)

Dear RACE Students,

About Practice Village:

No matter how good is a student’s focus, if he studies at home it can be virtually impossible to avoid the disturbances from noises like Dogs, siblings, and ringing phones which are all very distracting and affecting the progress.

We know that students themselves cant focus on their studies continuously for more than an hour or two. Even with the scheduled breaks, one cant continue his focused study for more than three hours a day.

We know “how to make students study” on the basis of our experience and analysis of their habits made. The only thing They need is “a calm place where the importance is provided only to studies”.

A 12 acre sprawling campus (basically known as a college) dedicated for our students’ distraction free practice.

The campus is located in a rural setup exactly on the Salem – Namakkal highway in Tamilnadu, well provided with all the amenities, the students will naturally be completely focused on their studies. Practice Village students can easily concentrate on studies for more than 12 hours a day.

As a result of studying in Practice Village, we have found that our students are 70% more efficient than others in the progress of their computation speed and accuracy.

Specialities of Practice Village

More than 70 class rooms – Classrooms are allocated according to the subjects and exams.

Computer lab and library – Of course, even in rural place we have developed our library and lab sections for our students to practice online tests.

Hostel for ladies – completely furnished and secured hostels for ladies.

Food for men and women – canteen facility for men and women.

Play ground – Very spacious play ground for the students to recreate themselves.

Study materials as Audio clips – Special materials are provided as audio clips and played morning and evening daily. Most of our Practice Village students would be listening to the audio clips even while playing on the playground.

Gym – Gym for men

There are many students who have secured a bank job in just 30 days. – Check out our Google Reviews for RACE Practice Village Salem.

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If you any queries Contact:

Mr.Saran Practice Village Coordinator (8870134835)


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