SBI PO Mock Interview Course for Non-RACE Candidates

SBI PO Mock Interview Course for Non-RACE Candidates

Dear SBI PO Aspirants,

State Bank of India recently released a Recruitment Notification to fill Probationary Officers vacancies and conducted Written Examination to shortlist candidates for the final selection process called Personal Interview.

From RACE, we could list out more than 400 candidates from all RACE Branches who are getting ready for the SBI PO Real Interview are attending Mock Interview for Free of cost.

You know that we have been conducting Mock Interview Program, to improvise the candidates’ personal appearance and to make them experience the Real Interview with the help of we will be conducting Mock Interview for RACE Students at No Extra cost.

So likewise, it is scheduled to conduct Mock Interview for SBI PO Interview Candidates (RACE Students) in Chennai, Madurai and Salem Branches.

The Detailed Mock Interview Schedule for RACE Students can be found here.

SBI PO Mock Interview for Non-RACE Interview Candidates


Most of the Non-RACE SBI PO Interview Candidates had consulted us regarding Mock Interview Program for Non-RACE Candidates and this became the talk between the Manager and RED Team TL.

Finally, the conclusion is here.

The Leader of the Bank Exam Coaching Institutes “RACE Institute” to conduct SBI PO Mock Interview Program for Non-RACE Students at Rs. 1499/-


This Mock Interview Course will consist of following features & Materials:

1. Interview Tips Session

2. Mock Interview with Real Panel Members

3. Analysis of your Attempt

4. Modifications & Correction requirements on your appearance / activity / Knowledge

5. Document Verification Guidelines

6. Mock Group Discussion

7. Important Topics to be Discussed in GD

8. GD Organizer View of your GD participation

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Interview Study Materials:

1. Three Month Current Affairs & Banking Awareness Material

2. Recent Updates in Banking Industry

3. Financial Awareness Material

You have come a long way...!

Take your One Last Step & Become a PO in SBI

Attend SBI PO Mock Interview for Just Rs. 1499/-

SBI PO Mock Interview for Non-RACE candidates: Schedule

Mock Interview on 10 & 11th September 2018

Group Discussion on 13th September 2018

Venue: Bharathi Block 3rd Floor, T Nagar, Chennai

To Register Call: 9087875780 / 7338917658

Since the SBI PO Real Interview is scheduled to be conducted on 12th October 2018, candidates appearing for this Mock Interview can attend the Real SBI Interview with 200% Confidence.

SBI PO Mock Interview for Non-RACE Candidates


Join your hands with the Leader of Bank Exam Coaching Institutes


Crack SBI PO Interview with 200% Confidence

Attend SBI PO Mock Interview for JUST Rs. 1499/- 

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