SSC Focus Circle 2019 in Chennai – Shortlisted candidates list

Dear RACE Students,

Focusing the upcoming SSC Recruitment Examinations, our SSC Department is to start SSC Focus Circle Practice Program in RACE Institute Chennai.

For which, the team conducted an eligibility test for the RACE SSC Students earlier this month and now provided the list of candidates finalized eligible to attend the program.

As scheduled, this Focus Circle Program will start from November 6, 2019 in Hall No 87 & 88 GR Complex Chennai.

The Program is likely to be conducted for full day. Timing – 9.30 to 5.00 PM.

So, the Students who find their enrolment ID below are becoming eligible to attend the Program from the date mentioned above.

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SSC Focus Circle 2019 in Chennai – Shortlisted candidates list

Enrollment ID Enrollment ID
B020717-S-039 Bs210718-SS-009
B060817-S-032 Bs2150719-MOR-002
B190918-EVE-001 Bs220719-MOR-A-002
B220117-S-021 Bs230718-MOR-A-004
B300518-MOR-A-023 Bs230718-MOR-A-013
B-Bs140619-MOR-002 Bs230718-MOR-B-006
Bs010419-AN-001 Bs230818-MOR-A-011
Bs010419-AN-002 Bs241117-MOR-A-014
Bs010419-MOR-A-003 Bs250618-EM-001
Bs010719-MOR-008 Bs260318-MOR-A-005
Bs020518-MOR-A-025 Bs260819-MOR-A-004
Bs020518-MOR-A-026 Bs260918-MOR-A-009
Bs020718-MOR-A-032 Bs271117-MOR-A-008
Bs030719-MOR-A-001 Bs280718-SS-004
Bs030719-MOR-A-004 Bs290419-MOR-A-004
Bs040618-MOR-A-028 Bs300818-MOR-A-004
Bs050518-SS-009 Bs310719-MOR-A-002
Bs060619-MOR-A-001 Bs310719-MOR-A-004
Bs060619-MOR-A-005 Bs310719-MOR-A-005
Bs060619-MOR-A-011 M-S170419-MOR-017
Bs070119-MOR-A-001 S030419-MOR-011
Bs080818-MOR-A-010 S030419-MOR-011
Bs090718-MOR-A-044 S030517-EM-012
Bs110219-MOR-A-005 S030719-MOR-A-001
Bs110618-MOR-A-003 S030719-MOR-A-003
Bs110618-MOR-A-025 S030719-MOR-A-006
Bs120619-MOR-028 S030719-MOR-A-009
Bs130519-MOR-A-003 S030719-MOR-A-010
Bs160518-MOR-A-038 S030719-MOR-A-012
Bs161217-SS-015 S030719-MOR-A-019
Bs170419-MOR-A-001 S030719-MOR-A-020
Bs170419-MOR-A-001 S030719-MOR-A-022
Bs190619-MOR-A-006 S030719-MOR-A-023
Bs190619-MOR-A-007 S030719-MOR-A-024
Bs190619-MOR-A-007 S030719-MOR-A-025
Bs200319-MOR-A-006 S030719-MOR-A-026
Bs200518-S-001 S030719-MOR-A-027
Bs200519-MOR-A-001 S030719-MOR-A-034
Bs210119-MOR-A-006 S030719-MOR-A-043
Bs210418-SS-008 S030719-MOR-A-044

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