Test Match Between Puducherry & Bengaluru Branches – SBI PO Prelims

Test Match Between Puducherry & Bengaluru Branches – SBI PO Prelims

Dear RACE Students,

State Bank of India is recruiting 10300 Clerk & Probationary Officers this year. The Recruitment Schedule of the SBI Clerk and SBI PO are become trending among the aspirants preparing for the SBI Examinations.

In RACE, we have been giving training to the students applied for SBI Clerk & PO Examinations and to make it more interesting, we have been conducting TEST SERIES between branches.

We have been seeing huge differences between students’ performance because of the Test Series conducted. So, we have planned to initialize this in SBI PO Prelims Examination as well.

Test Match Between Puducherry & Bengaluru Branches:

The Team from Puducherry and Bengaluru are now decided to conduct TEST SERIES between PUDUCHERRY & BANGALORE branch students applied for SBI PO Examination.

A series of SIX SBI PO Prelims Online Mock Exams will be conducted for the interested and registered students of the branches mentioned above.

This Test Series will be conducted from June 4 to June 10, 2018. We suggest students take this SBI PO Prelims Mock Test Series a serious one and make an effective preparation for SBI PO Examination.

The results of the Test series will be displayed here. So, we request students to bookmark this post for further updates.

Bengaluru Vs Puducherry Test Series - Results

Test Match Results – Bangalore vs Puducherry

Branch Average Score
Test – 1 Test – 2 Test – 3 Test – 4 Test – 5
Pondicherry 37.13 32.76 32.33 24.04 20.27
Bangalore 34.91 32.32 30.95 22.71 21.42

  Top Three Rank Holders of the Test Series

Enrolment ID Average Score Branch
P-S070917-MOR-010 59.90 Pondicherry
P-S100517-MOR-A-021 59.65 Pondicherry
B-B180817-MOR-010 49.31 Bangalore

Cumulative Average Score of Bengaluru vs Puducherry

Branch Average Score Rank
Pondicherry 29.30 1st
Bangalore 28.46 2nd

Pondicherry branch Leads the competition by 0.84 points

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