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Dear RACE TNPSC Students & Followers,

Tamilnadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) is active since the beginning of the New Year 2019. It has published the Recruitment Calendar 2019 on the very first day of January 2019.

There has been a huge talk about the Recruitment calendar due to enormous opportunities that are made available for the year 2019. As per the Recruitment Calendar 2019, it is expected TNPSC to officially announce TNPSC Group II-A (Non-Interview Posts) & CCSE-IV (Group IV & VAO 2019) Notifications with huge vacancies & Pay Scale all together very soon.


Our TNPSC Team which is making a remarkable presence in gathering & utilizing the latest information developed a TEST BATCH Planner for these upcoming examinations.

Earlier, Prelims Examination Results of the TNPSC Group II Recruitment 2018 announced and candidates approaching Mains Examination (in RACE Institute) are already following a SURE VICTORY STRATEGY for the TNPSC Group II Mains Examination.

So, RACE and Non-RACE TNPSC Candidates who expecting TNPSC Group II Mains Exam or TNPSC Group II-A or CCSE – IV Notifications are advised to utilize the TNPSC TEST BATCH Planner and make use of our TNPSC Online Examinations to shine in upcoming TNPSC Recruitments to be held in 2019.

Online Mock Exams for RACE Students:

RACE TNPSC Students (who registers for the Program) will be getting complete access to all the TNPSC Online Exams at the specified date provided on the image attached above.

We suggest all RACE TNPSC Students to make use of this Program and Register on or before 20th Jan 2019. 

Because, the TNPSC Online Mock Exams will be available from Jan 20, 2019.

Non-RACE TNPSC Candidates can also purchase Our TNPSC Test Batch Series from our Bankersdaily Online Exam Platform from the link provided below.

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