TNPSC Super Batch – A Practice towards Success in TNPSC

Dear RACE TNPSC Students,

As we all know that, TNPSC Super Batch Program started on April 29, 2019 with more than 2500 Dedicated TNPSC Aspirants.

So far, the Journey of 20+ Days has been successfully Completed.

RACE TNPSC Students who undergone the Rigorous Practice these days have tasked 2500+ Questions & touched 60+ Daily handout materials so far.

The Students appearing for the Super Batch Program are divergent because they have been taking more than 5 Exams per day. Subject wise, 3 Days Revision Test, 7 Days Revision Test, Day wise Test are some of them which lay the strongest foundation for their Practice.

The 60 Special Handout Materials on Tamil / English, History, Polity, Biology, Physics and Chemistry fully focused on the upcoming Group 2A Examination and these Materials will surely make differences in the upcoming Full-Length Mock tests.

We don’t let even the Current Affairs Go. One of the easiest Scoring Section named Current Affairs has been taught as Live Sessions by our Mentor People these days. Events happened during the complete Year 2018 has now been delivered to the students and they wrote numerous tests & Viva Questions on the section.

Finally, the Special Session has also been conducted by Sr. Aptitude Trainers for Mathematics Section. More than 750 Questions have been solved during the Practice these Days.

What will happen Next in TNPSC Super Batch Program?

TNPSC Super Batch Students who continue the 10 Hours / Day Vigorous Practice will be getting 100+ Handout Materials, Online Mock Tests, Enormous support from Mentors & Sr. Staff Members, Special Sessions in upcoming days.

We urge all the students who left the Super Batch Program due to the inability of being in Practice for the whole day (10 Hours) to return to the Program. Because, we know that, you could Crack this TNPSC Examination & Roar Like a Lion.

Don’t Miss out the Opportunity Guys.

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