Updated Eligible / Equivalent Degree list to apply TNPSC Exams

The Government Order GO No 441 was released in the year 1993 to notify Degrees’ and the Equivalent Degrees that are eligible to apply for TNPSC.

After 26 years during its 60th Equivalence Committee Meeting, TNPSC released a Shocking Government Order against the G.O (Ms.) No.441 mentioning the revamped list of Eligible / Equivalent Degrees’ to apply for TNPSC Exams.

The Updated list of Eligible / Equivalent Degrees’ (eligible for the TNPSC Exams) has been published on the Official Website tnpsc.gov.in; which might have not been noticed by most of the candidates preparing for TNPSC Examinations.

The Notification, which is absolutely the Bad News for the TNPSC Aspirants is, the TN Govt. planned to remove some of the Under & Post Graduate Degrees from the Equivalent Degree list of TNPSC.

Which means that, some of the Degrees’ which were said to Equivalent to other Degrees (like BCA equivalent to B.Sc Maths) have been revoked as per the Notification. 

It doesn’t mean that, the candidates pursued the following 53 Degrees’ are becoming NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for the TNPSC Recruitment Examinations but, they can’t apply for the Examination mentioning Equivalent Degree as stated above.

But, HOLD ON. The GO released by the TNPSC is yet to receive confirmation from the Tamil Nadu Government. The approval if any from the Govt. will also be updated on the TNPSC Website soon.

To make a Note that, the 53 Degree’ which are mentioned below are still valid & approved by the TN Govt for any Recruitment & Placements conducted by Organizations including TNPSC.

Anyhow, who wish to pursue these Degrees’ are advised to check the Govt approval of the Degree.

Note: These 53 Degrees’ are still Eligible to appear for the TNPSC Examinations & this GO is only defines the Equivalent Degree standard which was created in the year 1993.

List of Degrees


M.sc      Applied Physics

M.sc      Statistics and Informatics

B.sc        Information Technology

B.sc        Software Development

B.sc        Information Technology (ADM College)

M.sc      Life Science (5 yrs Integrated Course)

M.sc      Electronics


B.sc        Applied Science – Information Technology

M.sc      Food Science, Technology and Nutrition

M.sc      Applied Micro Biology



M.sc      Bio Chemical Technology

M.sc      Integrated Biology

M.sc      Biology

M.sc      Micro Biology

B.sc        (special ) Computer Application (Lady Doak College)


M.sc      Applied Micro Biology


BA          Tamil Literature With Information Technology

B.sc        Software


M.Sc      Applied Biology


BA          Tamil with Computer Application


BA          Tamil and Economics


BA, B.Ed               4 Yrs Integrated Programe

Annamalai University – Chidambaram

B.Sc – Computer Science & B.Sc Mathematics (Dual Degree – 5 Years)

BBA – (Double Degree)

MBA – Marketing Management

MBA – International Business

MBA – E-Business

MBA – Human Resource Management

MBA – Global Management

MBA – (Online)

MBA _ Financial Management

M.Sc Marine Bio – Technology

M.Sc – Zoology (5 Years Integrated Course)

M.Sc – Marine Micro Biology

BA – Sociology (Dual Degree – 1 Year Distance Education Mode)

BA – Political Science ((Dual Degree – 1 Year Distance Education Mode)

BA – History (((Dual Degree – 1 Year Distance Education Mode))

BA – English (((Dual Degree – 1 Year Distance Education Mode))

BA – economics (Dual Degree – 1 Year Distance Education Mode)

Bharathidaasan University – Coimbatore

M.Sc – Applied Micro Biology

M.Sc- Mathematics

M.sc – Industrial Bio Technology

M.Sc – Nano Science & technology

M.Sc Industrial Bio Technology

                                – Equivalent to M.Sc Environmental Science

M.Sc – Industrial Bio Technology

                                – Equivalent to M.Sc zoology

M.Sc – Nano science and Technology

                                – Equivalent to M.Sc Physics

M.Sc – Industrial Bio Technology

                                – equivalent to M.Sc Bio-Chemistry

M.Sc – Applied Physics (Computer Electronics)

M.Sc – Staistics and Informatics (St.Joseph College)

B.Sc – Information Technology

B.Sc – Software Development

B.Sc – Information Technology (ADM College)

M.Sc – Life Science (5 Years Integrated Course)

M.Sc Electronics

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