Massive Reunion Program in RACE Chennai Branch


Relishing the moments from the past is one such beauty in the life of every human being. The students who have studied with Chennai Race Institute have relished such moments and also got the surprise of their lifetime from our Team for their preparations.

Yes, today we have conducted a MASSIVE REUNION PROGRAM for the old batch students of RACE who have studied in the Early Moring, Afternoon, Evening and Weekend batches. The speciality of this program is that, this is the first time, an event like this is happening in RACE and we are proud about it.

This event was organized by CHENNAI RED TEAM BANKING under the guidance and help of Mr. Muthukumar Sir.

What’s more to the relishing moments is that we also have issued BANKING BOOSTER , HANDY CURRENT AFFAIRS MATERIAL specially prepared by the CHENNAI RED TEAM BANKING MENTORS, Legend Magazine, STATIC GK Book and CLERK MANTRA BOOK . Additionally we have also organized a Knowledge Assessment Test for the benefit of our students.

We feel very happy about this and we are sure that the event will rekindle the spirits in the students to achieve more from here on.

So the specific tips we gave for the students include:

1. Learn How to handle Failure?

2. Imagine Outcome

3. Be Righteous

4. Fight to be you

5. Break through Limitations

6. Keep Learning

7. Be a Teacher

8. Work with Integrity