Introducing New Course Packages »

Introducing New Course Packages

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Introducing New Course Packages

Dear RACE Students and followers,

We have segregated our Courses into “Individual Courses” and “Course Packages”. Our Management has approved new fee structure for Individual Courses by making some revisions in the current fee structure. Our New fee structure will take effect from 1st October.

The Revised fee structure as follows.

Individual Courses

Individual Courses Fee Structure
Bank Course Rs. 13000/- (Incl Tax)
State PSC Course (TNPSC) Rs. 14000/- (Incl Tax)
SSC Course Rs. 15000/- (Incl Tax)
JAIIB Course (Promotional Exams) Rs. 7500/- (Incl Tax)
No changes have been made on “Value added Short term courses & Career Opportunities awareness Program” college courses.

Course Packages

* Bank + SSC Package – Rs. 17000/- (Incl Tax)

* State PSC (TNPSC) + SSC Package – Rs. 18000/- (Incl Tax)

** Bank + State PSC (TNPSC) Package – Rs. 20000/- (Incl Tax)

Bank + SSC + State PSC (TNPSC) Package – Rs. 21000/- (Incl Tax)

* – Fee Revised, ** – New Course

Important Note to the RACE students

Students who currently pursuing “Banking Course” in RACE Institute can switch to “SSC Course” by paying Rs. 2000/-. Offer expires on 30th September.

From 1st of October, students may have to pay Rs. 4000/- to switch from Banking Course to SSC. Fee calculated using revised fee structure.

(Visit ADMISSION OFFICE with your Bill copy and RACE ID card). Swapping of course may take at least 24 hours.

Want to start your career as a Bank Clerk?