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1Quantitative Aptitude 1. Number systems

2. HCF & LCM

3. Simplification

4. Average

5. Percentage

6. Profit &loss

7. Ratio & Proportion

8. Partnership and Ages

9. Probability

10. Time, work & Distance

11. Problems on boat & streams


16 Sessions

2Logical Reasoning1. Directions Test

2. coding and Decoding

3. Alphabet test

4. Number Ranking

5. Blood Relations

6. Analogy

7. Letter series

8. Mathematical operations

9. Clock and calendar

10. Seating Arrangement

11. Puzzle test


16 Sessions

3Marketing Management1. Marketing in a changing world

2. Marketing Environment

3. Marketing mix

4. Product concepts & Lifecycle

5. Role of pricing & Strategies

6. Distribution channels & Promotion strategy

7. Advertising & Brand Management

8. Consumer behavior & Market segmentation

9. Positioning strategies

10. Creating Competitive Advantages


16 Sessions

4Customer Relationship Management1. Introduction to CRM

2. Customer Loyalty Management

3. Building Customer Loyalty

4. Role of CRM

5. E-Business Integrating CRM

6. Creating/ Developing CRM Solutions

7. Building an effective CRM application

8. CRM Solutions and Performance Metrics

9. Best Practices in CRM


16 Sessions

5Soft Skills I1. Introduction to Soft skill

2. Leadership

3. Team Building

4. Positive Attitude

5. Communication

6. Perception

7. Decision Making

8. Motivation

9. Goal Setting

10. Time management

11. Interview Skills


16 Sessions

6Soft Skills II1. Leadership

2. Team Building

3. Decision Making

4. Goal Setting

5. Time management


8 Sessions

Certification: Certificate will be provided to all participants.


  1. Students can aspire to a prospective career in the Marketing field
  2. Placement Coordinators can open more avenues 

We offer the program in the above areas as one day or Two days or short-term Workshop / Training. The certificate will be issued to all the participants of the program. The Topics for the program can be tailored made to the batch requirements.

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