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You may have heard of Chennai RACE Coaching Institute Pvt Ltd, India’s best Competitive Exam Coaching Institute – awarded by Praxis Media and recently.

In just three years (approx.) they have opened many branches as much of thirteen as on September 2017. Chennai RACE Coaching Institute became the most successful institute by the support they provide to the students and their real results that speak more about them. They actually make the students practice and teach them how to practice.

Even now, they might be thinking something new, something different strategy to make the candidates clear competitive exams.

Dear student/parent/enquirer, you might be having some questions about the institution and the strategy we follow in RACE.

How does RACE producing such huge results?

What RACE Institute actually does to produce such huge results?

Do they have any backdoor entry to the bank or Govt sectors?

You might have skipped some of the questions (mentioned above) but because of the hesitation to ask in front the person you are enquiring.

Should you ask such Questions?

Of course, you can ask such questions but we have already answered your questions with the results we have produced. Anyhow, we have collected some of your queries and provided answers or solutions here.

What do you know about Race Institute?

What is the success rate of RACE Institute?

What is the approximate number of openings in Banks per Year?

How can you say that you have 84% success rate? - How do you measure your success rate?

What are the courses you are offering?

Is there any package options / combined courses?

Tell me about batch timing?

Tell me about Banking course duration

Tell me about SSC course duration

If I have joined for banking course, do I have to pay separate fee to join SSC / TNPSC course?

Can I pay fee in Instalments?

Does fee includes Material and practice programs?

When the new batch starts?

May I pay fee in a branch and continue the course in another branch?

Do you provide accommodation too?

What are the materials will you provide?

I am a non-maths Back ground student. Is it possible for me to get Bank job?

May I attend the same class for more than once?

How will I get notified about upcoming Exams?

What is the purpose of having a Computer Laboratory in your institution?

What is the purpose of having a Library?

What is SOLO Practice Lab?

Will staff available to clarify my doubts after class timing?

Will you provide Online Exam Login ID?

What is Enrolment ID & Password?

What is the procedure to go to practice village?

What is the difference between RACE and other Institutes?

What should I do with the Enrollment ID?

How to Register for Practice Programs?

What is the procedure to get Online Exam access?

What does “Practice till you get placed” means?

What is the Exam Pattern for Bank Exams?

Should I complete degree to write Bank Exams?

What is the age limit to write Bank exams?

Will you conduct Mock Interviews?

I'm a Non-RACE candidate. Got selected in Bank Exam. May I attend Mock Interview program?

From where can I check daily program schedule?

Why do you provide daily News paper? What should I do with it?

Whether students have mentors to analyse the progress?

What are all the special programs conducted in RACE?

Do I have to register for the practice programs separately?

May I take Library books to my home?

Whether Competitive exams have Negative marks?

Whether Bank exams have Sectional cut-off?

How to resize my photo and signature to apply for exam?

How many exams are there in your online Exam Portal?

May I take online exam through my mobile?

I am a Non-RACE Student. Do I have any access to take online exam?

What is the Eligibility to apply for Bank Exam?

Recent notification & upcoming notification?

What is Legend and Samrat Exams?

How many class rooms are there in RACE?

What is the purpose of practice village?

How many branches do you have?

What is the difference between RACE and other Institute?

Will you teach State PSC classes in Tamil / English?

How classes will be handled?

I'm not a RACE Student. May I take Online Exam in RACE Exam portal?

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Student reviews

They have a totally new concept of teaching. Personal mentors are available for solving any doubt at any time in any topic. Regular online test facility is available. Study material is really good . Really helpful staff.One of the best coaching institute in chandigarh.

Sangeetha Ammasi