Frequent Questions asked by the RACE Inquiries

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Frequently Asked Questions about RACE Institute

You may have heard of Chennai RACE Coaching Institute Pvt Ltd, India’s best Competitive Exam Coaching Institute – awarded by Praxis Media and recently.

In just three years (approx.) they have opened many branches as much of 26 as on today.

RACE Coaching Institute became the most successful institute by the support we  provide to the students and their real results that speak more about them. We make the students to practice and teach them how to practice.

Even now, they might be thinking something new, something different strategy to make the candidates clear the next competitive exams.

Should you ask such Questions?

Dear student/parent/enquirer, you might be having some questions about the institution and the strategy we follow in RACE.

How does RACE produce such huge results?

What RACE Institute does to produce such huge results?

Do they have any backdoor entry to the bank or Govt sectors?

You might have skipped some of the questions during the mobile conversation or direct visit to the branch because of the hesitation to ask in front the person you are enquiring.

Should you ask such Questions?

Of course, you can ask such questions, but we have already answered your questions with the results we have produced. Anyhow, we have collected some of your queries and provided answers or solutions here.

What do you know about Race Institute?

RACE Coaching Institute is known to be the Best Competitive Exam Coaching Institute in India.  Since 2012 it has produced a huge number of results in both Banking, SSC, Railways, TNPSC & KPSC Exam categories.

RACE Institute has received 8 honourable awards on Best Competitive Exams Coaching Institute category from the recognized organizations such as Times Group, Praxis Media &

To know more about the institution, please visit:

What is the success rate of RACE Institute?

We can proudly say that “8 out of every 10 of our students have cleared the competitive Exams they were preparing for”. RACE is the competitive exams coaching institute to have a great success rate in India. Because of the facilities like the full-fledged computer lab, library and solo and practice Programs extended to our students, they will have no other choice than to land in a Bank / Govt Job”.

For Details:

What is the approximate number of openings in Bank / Central Govt Orgs per Year?

Sir, more than 60 Exams will be conducted annually in Bank, SSC, Insurance and RRB categories. Approximately, 1,40,000 vacancies will be filled through these exams every year. Visit for recent exam notifications.

How can you say that you have 84% success rate? – How do you measure your success rate?

In competitive exams, the success rate is determined by three factors:

(i) The number of vacancies,

(ii) The number of candidates who apply for these vacancies, and

(iii) The level of preparedness of the candidate attuned to the test.

We have a special team to insist our students to apply for the exams that are relevant to the preparation they did.  We frequently hear “ARE YOU A RACE STUDENT?” Question from most of the Real Interview panel members. 

What are the courses you are offering?

Best Level Coaching is provided for Bank Exams, Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Exams, Railway Exams (RRB), Insurance Exams and State PSC Exams (TNPSC only) under different courses. We also give coaching for JAIIB & CAIIB Bank Promotional Exams as well.

Are there any package options / combined courses?

We do provide combo courses as well.

Banking Package for Bank Exams (IBPS, SBI, RBI) & Insurance Exams

SSC Package (includes Railway Course)

Bank + SSC  & SSC + TNPSC Packages are also available

All the Packages will include access to Library, Computer Lab, Practice Programs and other facilities provided for our students.

Head here if you want to know more !

Tell me about batch timing?

Early Morning – 6.30 am to 8.30 am

Morning (Regular) – 9.30 am to 1.00 pm

After Noon – 1.45 pm to 5.00 pm

Evening – 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Saturday & Sunday – 9.30 am to 4.45 pm

Sunday Only – 9.30 am to 4.45 pm

Tell me about Banking course duration


Early Morning – 40 days

Morning – 40 days

Noon – 40 days

Evening – 60 days

Saturday & Sunday – 2 Month

Sunday Only – 3 and half month

Pls contact the respective Branch for batch availability or visit:

Tell me about SSC course duration

Early Morning – 90 days

Morning – 65 days

Noon – *Not Available*

Evening – *Not Available*

Saturday & Sunday – 3 and half month

Sunday Only – 5 month

Pls contact the respective Branch for batch availability or visit:

If I have joined for banking course, do I have to pay separate fee to join SSC / TNPSC course?

Yes You may required to pay extra if you are adding courses to your Dashboard. We provide offer for new students who add a course within a week after enrolling in RACE.

Can I pay fee in Instalments?

Sorry. We can’t accept course fee in instalments. The one-time fee must be paid at the time of enrolment.

Does fee include Material and practice programs?

Yes. Course fee includes Materials, Handouts, Practice Programs, Access to library, laboratory, SOLO and all the facilities provided in the institution.

When the next new batch for Bank / SSC / PSC Coaching starts?

New batch details will be updated in our official website every month. You can select New Batch details from the branch you want to join.

You can also contact 9043303030 / 7601808080 to get more details.

May I pay fee in a branch and continue the course in another branch?

Yes. You can pay the fee in a branch and continue your course in another branch. You must get No objection certificate from the branch you have joined.

You can always contact your Branch Coordinator to know the procedure.

Do you provide accommodation too?

Sorry, we don’t provide hostel facility. But we could suggest some of the Best hostels near our branch. We allow male candidates to stay in Our Institute with prior permission letter.

What are the materials will you provide?

Materials are the backbone of our success. We provide 9 materials for Bank course and 19 Materials for SSC Course. 9 Materials for TNPSC Course. These materials are prepared by Research and Development team, Sr. Staff members and field experts. And, this is not over yet! We also provide more than 2000 handout materials throughout the journey till you get the job.

Know about Our Materials Here

I am a non-maths Background student. Is it possible for me to get Bank job?

Yes, you can also grab Bank job. Many of the Non-Maths / English background RACE students have cleared Bank Exams.

We also conduct two fundamental programs named “Zero’s” and “ABC” to refresh Basic concepts in Maths and English. We identify such students by evaluation test during enrolment.

May I attend the same class for more than once?

Yes, you can attend the same class for more than once. But please make a note that the same faculty may not be taking the class the next time you attend. Because both the faculties may have a different kind of approach.

Check our class schedule on our Facebook page and Online Exam App

How will I get notified about upcoming Exams?

As always to guide, we provide all the Exam notifications in Notice Board and our faculties will be providing such a useful information while taking the class. But, You can also download our Android App to get the notification about the exams on the go. 

The exam notifications will be updated in our official website as well. The same will also be updated in our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter ) as well.

What is the purpose of having a Computer Laboratory in your institution?

Most of the competitive exams are conducted online. So, to overcome the exam fear and to manage the time and accuracy we suggest our students use our computer lab facility. We can proudly say that “Chennai RACE is the best institute in India to provide full-fledged computer lab facility” to the students. 

We have more than 2500 computers in all the branches (Operates 24 X 7) dedicated for RACE students to write online Exams and Browsing.

What is the purpose of having a Library?

Library facility, we call it as “Our source of success”. We have our own library with more than 8000 books (Library is available in all the branches). Library available 24*7.

What is SOLO Practice Lab?

One of the biggest and efficient support facilities of our Institution, SOLO; is for the efficient students who is in need of a calm place for their distraction free practice.

Will staff available to clarify my doubts after class timing?

Yes. Faculties will be available for doubt clarifications round the clock. We also conduct doubt clarification sessions weekly during the course duration.

Will you provide Online Exam Login ID?

Yes. Since most of the Competitive Exams are held online, we provide Unlimited Validity Login Credential to take Online Exams. You may have to follow a simple procedure to get access to it.

What is Enrolment ID & Password?

Enrolment ID is given to the candidate at the time of enrolment. Enrolment ID provides access to the following:

  1. Online Exam access
  2. Registration for Practice Programs

What is the difference between RACE and other Institutes?

Chennai RACE Coaching Institute has received the Best coaching institute in India award – presented by Praxis Media and received Excellence in Education Award of the year 2017 – by We actually don’t  get compromised on Materials, Staff, Library, computer lab, Mentors, Mock Interview, etc. Staff will be available 24 Hours for Doubt Clarification Room (DCR).

Our Ex-students aka Bank Officers proudly call Chennai RACE Coaching Institute as “THE KING MAKER”.

What should I do with the Enrolment ID?

  1. Go to our student dashboard
  2. Log in using your Enrollment ID and Registered Mobile Number (check your bill)
  3. Fill up the basic form and update your photo
  4. Click Save.

Now you technically become a student of RACE. Your details are successfully updated in our Database.

How to Register for Practice Programs?

  1. Go to our student dashboard
  2. Login using Enrolment ID and Registered Mobile Number
  3. Fill up the basic form and update your photo
  4. Click Save.
  5. Navigate to Circle / RIP, there you can find all available/open registrations that you can register for.

What is the procedure to get Online Exam access?

  1. Go to our student dashboard
  2. Login using Enrolment ID and Registered Mobile Number
  3. Fill up the basic form and update your photo
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click ACTIVATE MY ONLINE EXAM Button above SAVE Button. This will open a new window that navigates you to Http://“. You may have to fill a simple registration form to complete the process
  6. After Submitting the form, you will be taken to the DASHBOARD with all online exams.

What does “Practice till you get placed” means?

Not every student will get the desired job in his first shot. Some of the students will take 6 to 15 months to clear the exam depending on the time and efforts they put in with focused attention. So, we allow students to attend classes again and again till they get placed. All the facilities and supports will be provided as usual. We even take extra efforts to make them clear the exams.

What is the Exam Pattern for Bank / Govt Exams?

All exam related information is available on our website under Exams tab.

Clerical Cadre:

Probationary Officer (PO):

Specialist Officer (SO):

Regional Rural Bank:

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) :

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB):

Insurance Exams:

State PSC Exams:

Should I complete degree to write Bank / Govt Exams?

Yes, degree holders are eligible to write any Bank Exams. But candidates pursuing final year can also apply for bank exam (You may have to produce degree certificate when called for Interview).

Only 10th / 12th standard Qualification will be needed for Some of SSC Exams like CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level), MTS Officer and Post office recruitment.

What is the age limit to write Bank / Govt exams?

A candidate must be aged 18 / 20 (Min Age Limit) years can apply for Bank and SSC Exams. Upper Age limit will be 28 / 30 / 33 years old. Category wise age relaxations will be given as per rules. Age Limit may vary for each exam.

Please check,

Clerical Cadre:

Probationary Officer (PO) :

Specialist Officer (SO) :

Regional Rural Bank :

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) :

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) :

Insurance Exams :

State PSC Exams :

Will you conduct Mock Interviews?

Our 25 Interview Panel members also known as Ex- DGM / CGM / GM of various Banks like RBI / NABARD & Retd bank Managers will conduct Mock Interview Program  for students who have cleared exams.

We have categorized this program in 12 sessions to develop their personality, Body language, communication etc. At the end of the Interview Preparation Program, more than 3 Mock interviews will be conducted by our 25 Real Panel members. Analysis and reviews of each mock interview will be provided separately to make the candidate ready for the real interview.

I’m a Non-RACE candidate. Got selected in Bank Exam. May I attend Mock Interview program?

As a service to the aspirants, we allow Non-RACE Students to attend specific Mock Interview Programs in our Institute. Anyhow, the Non-RACE candidate has to get prior permission from the Coordinator / Manager / RED Team Mentor to appear for the Mock Interview.

From where can I check daily program schedule?

Daily class schedules are updated on Our Android App. Click Here to Download Our App. and Facebook page

To be noted, Daily Schedule will be displayed on Notice Board in our institute.

Why do you provide daily Newspaper? What should I do with it?

Reading Daily Newspaper is very helpful to know happenings around the world (Current affairs) and it also improves your reading skills that are very useful to attend comprehension Questions and improves English vocabulary.

Whether students have mentors to analyze the progress?

The team of experienced and trusted advisers is called mentors, who are there to guide our students throughout their career hunting journey in RACE. The Role of a Mentor is to evolve a strong bond and keep students committed to the process. We are the only institute to have mentors to provide individual care.

What are all the special programs conducted in RACE?

Circle: Building fundamental concepts and Vedic maths shortcuts

Extreme Circle: Practice tougher level questions

Real Intensive program: Practice CAT Level Questions (that are expected to be asked for exams)

Super Batch: High potential candidates will be called for the program (12 Hours vigorous practice)

Focus Group: Special Program focused on specific Section.

Night Shift: A unique facility provided for working or desperate students that any other institute can’t offer.

Read more

Do I have to register for the practice programs separately?

Yes, you must apply for each practice program. Follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: Log in to Http:// with your enrolment id and mobile number.

Step 2: Fill the form completely with photo and signature and click save.

Step 3: Navigate to the “Register” tab.

Step 4: Search for the appropriate circle program and fill the details.

May I take Library books to my home?

In some of the branches, we allow students to take library books to their home by producing their RACE ID card to the librarian. They can keep the book only for two days.

As we have a sprawling campus, students can also use library materials in the library itself.

Whether Competitive exams have Negative marks?

Yes, there will be a penalty for wrong answers in the Objective Tests of banking and SSC exams. For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate one-fourth or 0.25 of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty to arrive at corrected score. If a question is left blank, i.e. no answer is marked by the candidate; there will be no penalty for that question.

0.33 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer marked by the candidate in Railway Exams.

Whether Bank exams have Sectional cut-off?

Yes. In Bank Exams, candidates will be required to obtain section cut-off. Apart from the section-wise cut-off, you should get overall cut-off to get qualified for the next process.

How many exams are there in your online Exam Portal?

We have around 1800 Exams in Our Online Exam portal, that contains topic wise, section wise, difficulty level wise Exams, and Mock Exams all Competitive Exams.

May I take online exam through my mobile?

Yes, Our Android Mobile application can be used to take Online Exam on the go. Write Online Exams anywhere in your Mobile…!

I am a Non-RACE Student. Do I have any access to take online exam?

Yes, the guest account can be created using Gmail / Facebook accounts. You will get access to all the available free exams.

What is the Eligibility to apply for Bank Exam?

You must have to be a Degree Holder. Age should be 21 to 30 years.

Recent notification & upcoming notification?

All recent and upcoming notifications will be available in  page.

What is Legend and Samrat Exams?

Legend & Samrat Exams are conducted every month. Legend exam is conducted for Bank students to test their current affairs knowledge. Whereas the SAMRAT exam is conducted for SSC Students to test their General Studies knowledge.

Legend and Samrat Exams are conducted in all the branches at the same time. Registration will be opened before the exam date.

How many classrooms are there in RACE?

In RACE, we don’t compromise in student needs. We provide enough support and facilities to make our students clear the exam. Classrooms and Practice Halls are available in all the branches.

How many branches are there?

We have Branches in Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Coimbatore, Namakkal, Erode, Puducherry, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Trivandrum & Tanjore.

Check Here:

What are the differences between RACE and another Institute?

RACE Institute provides extensive support in facilities, practice programs, mentor support, and materials. We support our students even after their placement.

Will you teach State PSC classes in local languages?

As of now, we are offering State PSC Courses in Tamil Nadu & Kerala Branches only.

TNPSC (for Tamil Nadu) classes are conducted in both Tamil and English. Separate classes and Materials will be provided. Call 9043303030 / 7601808080 for more details regarding TNPSC Classes.

Kerala PSC classes will be handled in all Kerala Branches. Sessions will be in English as well as in Malayalam.

How classes will be handled?

Classes are mostly taken in local languages. Separate Batch (once in a month) will be opened for Non-Local language students (in Specific branches only).

I’m not a RACE Student. May I take Online Exam in RACE Exam portal?

Yes, you can sign up using Gmail / FaceBook Login ID to take plenty of exams for free. Sign up here

Want to become a Bank / Govt Officer this year?