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General Studies One-liner 1: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF

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General Studies One-liner 1: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF

1) Cash Reserve Ratio and open Market Operation are the tools of

Monetary Policy

2) The Permission given to a bank customer to draw cheques in excess of his current account balance is called

An overdraft

3) RBI does not transact the business of which state government

Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim

4) In E-banking, ‘E’ tax does for Electronic banking

5) Financial Year of RBI is from

July to June

6) Monetary system in India is regulated by


7) Highest branch of Indian Bank is in


8) A part of National Debt known as External dept is the amount. Borrowed by its government from


9) Worldwide great depression happens in which year


10) In an economy capital formation depends upon

Total saving

11) Removal of prohibitions and hindrance by government is called


12) According to Kenz consumption function shows relation between

Total consumption and Total income

13) Who said that for short duration price consumption is constant?


14) What is mean by favorable Balance of Trade?

Less import than export

15) Indian Economy is an example of

Mixed Economy

16) Views of eminent economist Robert Malthus on Population is


17) Full form of SEZ

Special Economic Zone

18) Which is the feature of “Free Market”?

Superiority of Consumer

19) Pegging up of a currency means, deciding value of money at Highest stage

20) WTO was earlier known as GATT

21) The practice of selling goods in a foreign country at a price below their domestic selling price is called Dumping

22) The additional to total cost by producing an additional unit of output by a firm is called Marginal Cost

23) Explicit + Implicit cost = Economic cost

24) In capitalist economy, price value is determined by. Demand & Supply

25) According to “Law of Demand”, “quantity of demand increases” With decrease in price

26) Who started the Public Works Department in India in 1848?

Lord Dalhousie

27) Who is the first Law Officer of the Government of India?

Attorney General

28) In which years did the Right to Information Act come into force


29) Which is called a ‘banker’s cheque’?

Demand draft

30) The last three digits of a PIN code represent Sorting district

31) Why is the Gross National Income always more than Net National Income?

Direct taxes

32) By which ministry is Economic survey published

Ministry of Finance

33) By which name was Chanakya known in his childhood

Vishnu Gupta

34) As per latest data in urban areas women employment is highest in which industry areas

Retail Trade

35) From which sector does the highest sector wise contribution to gross domestic saving comes

Household sector

36) Which formulates fiscal policy?

Finance Ministry

37) In which plan was the growth rate of agricultural production negative

Third Plan

38) In which of the Five-Year Plans, preference was given to the weaker sections of the society


39) How many member states are in ‘Common Market’ for Eastern and Southern Africa?


40) By which bill does the government make arrangement for the collection of revenues for a year Finance Bill

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