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481) What is the study of effect of light on various biological life process?


482) What is a Dental formula of man?


483) Which animal have no blood, but they respire?


484) The deficiency of which leads to dental caries


485) Which structure is present in mitochondria?


486) The anti-malarial drug Quinine is made from a plant. Which is that plant


487) Which is used to remove astigmatism for a human eye?

Cylindrical lens

488) What is the best method for improving the nutrient composition of a diet’?

By combining various foods

489) By whom was Artificial gene synthesis first done in laboratory?


490) What is the number of chromosomes in a normal human body cell?


491) Which part of brain is center of thirst hunger and sleep?


492) Which tissue is responsible for the secondary growth?


493) In human body which is the largest in size?


494) What is the largest gland in the human body?


495) Which is used extensively for genetic engineering in plant?

Agrobacterium tumefaciens

496) Animal goes under winter sleep due to low temperature, what is called


497) Where do Sweat glands occur in greatest number?

In the skin of the Armpits

498) Which cell organelles function as the powerhouse of a living cell?


499) Which branch of science deals with the study of tissue found in the body of organism?


500) Alzheimer’s disease in human beings is characterized by which degeneration

Degeneration of nerve cells

501) Which is the richest source of ascorbic acid?


502) For which is the southern blot technique used for the detection?


503) Which state produces maximum Soya bean?

Madhya Pradesh

504) Which fungus is responsible for disease late blight of potato?

Phytophthora infectants

505) What is Syrinx?

Voice box in Birds

506) What is the normal cholesterol level in human blood?

180-200 mg%

507) Which disease is characterized by inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord?


508) Which disease is caused by the bite of a mad dog?


509) The word “biodiversity” is a combination of which two words

Biology and diversity

510) What is the short upper part of the human intestine next to the stomach?


511) Sex determination of child is done by whose chromosome


512) How many chambers are found in the heart of frog?


513) To suspect HIV/AIDS in a young individual, which symptom is mostly associated with

Chronic diarrhea

514) Postaz are temperate grassland in


515) In metabolism, how enzymes act

As catalyst

516) Which technique can be used to establish the paternity of a child?

Quantitative analysis of DNA

517) By whom was Gene first isolated

Hargobind Khurana

518) By whom was Insulin discovered

Dr. F G. Banting

519) From which part of the plant is turmeric obtained


520) Which cytoplasmic organelles are treated as prokaryotic cells within the eukaryotic cells?


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