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681) The reserved area for the conservation of wild life is called


682) Which are related with “Lithosphere”

Earth’s crust

683) In which type of topography, water recharge pores are found

Karst topography

684) The breaking up of the rocks at its place is known as


685) Which cities located on northern most latitude


686) Southern tip of India is called

Indira point

687) Which river of India is also known as Vridha Ganga


688) Which rivers is known as “Dakshin Ganga”


689) Which rivers originates out of India


690) Which is the river known as tsangpo in Tibet


691) Which river is known as “open sewer” in India


692) Where do river Bhagirathi and Alaknanda meet


693) Which of the following rivers is famous for changing its path


694) The sorrow of Bihar is


695) In north-east India, river flows out of the country is


696) Which rivers forms estuary


697) Which rivers flows between Vindhya and Satpura ranges


698) Earth is tilted on its axis

23.5 degree

699) Days and nights are similar here


700) What is “supernova”


701) In which year Indian Council of Agricultural Research Institution was established in India


702) Practice of shifting cultivation is used in


703) “Jhoom” is

A type of cultivation

704) Which type of wheat is farmed in India

Bread Wheat

705) Madhya Pradesh is the biggest producer of


706) Step farming is performed on

Slopes of Hills

707) What was Tinkathia system during british rule in India

To cultivate Indigo on 3/20th of land.

708) The Minimum support price for food grains was introduced in the year


709) National Horticulture Mission promoted by government of India was launched under which five year plan

10th five year plan

710) In terms of money, which spice is exported most from India

Dry Red Chilli

711) Crop, cultivated in Zaid season is


712) Zaid crops are

Substitute crops which are cropped when regular crops fail to grow

713) State in highest production of mustard seed is


714) Topography of plateau is best for


715) Which is a cash crop in India


716) Plantation agriculture produces

Plantation crops

717) The share of food crops in India’s total production is almost


718) Which states is the largest wheat producing state in India

Uttar Pradesh

719) Which state is a jute abundant state

West Bengal

720) Which is the main competitor of India in Juta production


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