General Studies One-liner 23: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF

check here General Studies One-liner 23: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF download
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General Studies One-liner 23: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF

881) The waste generated by and life personal computers is known as E-waste

882) In MS-DOS, the primary file name can contain up to 8 characters.

883) In programming, repeating some statements is usually called Looping

884) A browser is a software used to search for web pages in internet

885) What type of Information System would be recognized by digital circuits

Hexadecimal System, Binary System

886) Telnet is a Protocol

887) The term ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity

888) Both the ALU and Control Section have special purpose storage locations called Registers

889) A translator for the assembly language to machine language is Assembler

890) Where is India’s super computer ‘PARAM’ located


891) Expansion of RDBMS is

Relational Database Management System

892) A bug in a program is


893) Programs stored in a ROM are called Freeware

894) The term API refers to Application Program Interface

895) A floppy disc can store 1.44 MB Data

896) The rate at which scanning is repeated in a CRT is called. Refresh rate

897) A Bit refers to Binary digit

898) Narain Karthikeyan is associated with which sport

Formula one Car Race

899) Geet Sethi is associated with which sports


900) Limba Ram is associated with


901) Seema Antil is associated with

Discus Throw

902) Ezra Cup is associated with which sport


903) The total number of players in each team of water Polo are


904) How many players play in each team of Baseball


905) How many players are consisted in each team of Basketball


906) “Layup Shot” is associated with which sports

Basket ball

907) “Subroto Cup” is associated with


908) “Burdhvan Trophy” is associated with

Weight Lifting

909) Which game was originated as an alternate to basketball in 1895 by William Margen

Volley ball

910) Which heavy weight boxers had never suffered a defeat in his lifetime

Rocky Marciano

911) Processors speed of a computer is measured in MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)

912) C language is a High-level language

913) Window 7, the latest Operating System from Microsoft Corporation has 49 Indian languages fonts.

914) In a 14” TV or computer monitor, the dimension of 14” stands for the diagonal of the screen

915) Correct expansion of the term http in internet address is Hypertext Transfer Protocol

916) The period of the second-generation computers was 1959-1964

917) In a computer, what does RAM stand for

Random Access Memory

918) IC in computers stands for Integrated Circuits

919) Who developed the concept World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee

920) Processing of a data file to reduce its size for storage on disk is termed Compression

921) The basic application of an AND gate in computers is for Multiplication

922) Who developed the concept of E-mail

Ray Tomlinson

923) To read a CD-ROM disc, you need a Laser beam

924) If you undergo a CAT scan then you have been subjected to A Computer axial tomography

925) Microsoft Power Point is a software designed to create Multimedia presentations

926) How much data does a standard floppy disk hold

1.44 MB

927) An electronic device the produces sound from instructions in a mini file is a Synthesizer

928) A technique for producing animation in which one image changes into another is called Morphing

929) Information in a combination of graphics, text, sound video and animation is called Multimedia

930) The name modem is derived from Modulator demodulator

931) A Compact Disc (CD) is a data storage system of the type Optical

932) ‘IC-Chips’ for computer are usually made of Silicon

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