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General Studies One-liner 5: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF

General Studies One-liner 5 SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF Download here
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General Studies One-liner 5: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF

161) Gagan Narang, who was recommended for the Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna award, is a famous

Air Rifle Shooter

162) On which day, the sports day is celebrated every year

29 august

163) When was the first Olympics organized

776 BC

164) The film reels and photographic films in India are manufactured


165) Where is the national institute of information technology


166) Two powerful characters of Mahabharata was from Afghanistan. Which areas is associated with this?

Kandahar or Gandhari

167) Which river submerged the two-century old town Tehri


168) The writer of the winner of the booker prize book “White Tiger” is

Arvind Adiga

169) For which film, Eddie Redmayne won the best actor in Oscar Award 2015. The Theory of Everything

170) “Manav Seva Award” was institutionalized in the memory of Rajiv Gandhi

171) Which government had institutionalized “Tansen Samman”

Madhya Pradesh

172) Which national highway is known as “Shershah Suri Marg”

NH 1

173) Who was the founder of homeopathy


174) Which Indian companies was listed first in NASDAQ

Infosys Technologies

175) What was the name of the spacecraft for the mapping of the planet Venus


176) Which car model was recalled by Maruti Suzuki due to faulty fuel pumps

Maruti A Star

177) The Chernobyl nuclear accident was happened in

April 26, 1986

178) The capital of Tanzania is


179) Famous Mobile company “Nokia” is based in countries


180) The Taj Mahal is badly affected by

Acid Rains

181) The person, cutting precious stones is known as


182) The first Guinness book of world record was published in


183) Who is famous for establishing “Anand Van”

Baba Amte

184) Which schools is associated with Pandit Jawaharlal Nahru

Navodaya School

185) The national fruit of India is


186) Which sites, situated in Delhi, is not a UNESCO heritage site


187) Peking is the place for worship of


188) Greenpark stadium is in


189) The Jim Corbett National is in


190) Who was the first deputy prime minister of India

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

191) The slogan “Do Boond Zindagi Ki” is associated with

Pulse Polio

192) Which sates is known as the “Rice bowl”

Andhra Pradesh

193) Which wildlife is protected under wildlife conservation act 1972. Porcupine

194) The farmers day is celebrated on

23rd December

195) Which day is celebrated as world Human Rights Day

10th December

196) When was the railways started in India


197) Every year “Consumer day” is celebrated on

15th March

198) Sriperumbudur is the birthplace of


199) Who was the first Indo-American woman to enter in space

Kalpana Chawla

200) Who was the editor of Kautilya’s Arthasastra

R Shamasastry

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