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General Studies One-liner SSC CGL CHSL MTS and download Free Study Material PDF

Check here General Studies One-liner SSC CGL CHSL MTS and download Free Study Material PDF
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General Studies One-liner 2: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF

41) Who is the author of the best seller book ‘No Full stops in India’?

Mark Tully

42) In the realm of coal production in the world, what is the rank of India


43) Which has the largest number of sugar mills?


44) Which is treated as artificial currency?


45) A supply function expresses relationship between Price and Production

46) When demand curve of any product is parallel to x-axis, then elasticity of demand will be?

Perfectly elastic

47) Who is the regulatory authority of credit rating agency in India SEBI?

48) Short term government securities is called Treasury bill

49) Per capital income is equal to National income / Total population

50) Blue and White Revolution is related with

Fish and Milk

51) GDP at factor cost equals GDP Indirect Tax subsidy

52) Which Five Year Plan was based upon Mahalanobis Model?


53) Who is the chairman of planning commission?

Prime Minister

54) Social Forestry scheme was started in Fifth five-year plan

55) When the total product rises at an increasing rate, then the Marginal product will also be? rising

56) The ‘Break-even’ point is where Total revenue equals total cost.

57) In case of direct tax, impact of tax & incidence of tax. On same person

58) Taxation is an instrument of Fiscal policy

59) The marginal revenue of monopolist is Less than price

60) Economics of scale means reduction in Unit cost of production

61) Marginal Propensity to consume lies between. 0 to 1

62) Third situation of low of variable proportion is Negative return

63) Which three year is said as “Planning Holiday” for our country


64) Economic planning is a part of Socialistic economy

65) Expenditure on advertisement and public relation by an enterprise is a part of its

Intermediate consumption

66) For existence of which type of market Record Propounded rent theory Monopoly

67) Theory of “Monopolistic Competition” was given by Edward Chamberlin

68) Which decade is celebrated as Bone and Joint Decade, recognized by WHO


69) What is deficit financing

Spending in excess of revenue

70) In the short run, a producer,’ how long continues his production

Fixed cost

71) Which is the largest committee of Parliament of India

Estimates Committee

72) Which UN body deals with population problem


73) Why was Mashelkar Committee constituted

Auto fuel policy

74) By whom was concept of Five-Year Plans in India introduced

Jawaharlal Nehru

75) What is the study of principles and procedures of classification


76) Who is the originator of Green Revolution in World

Norman E. Borlaug

77) Which is the place where bankers meet and settle their mutual claims and accounts

Clearing House

78) For how many years is rolling plan

One year

79) Prof. Amartya Sen has earned worldwide distinction in which field /area


80) Which first Bank was established in India

Bank of Hindustan

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