How Do I Increase My Speed in Bank Exams? »

How Do I Increase My Speed in Bank Exams?

How Do I Increase My Speed in Bank Exams?

Banking examination requires speed management and accuracy, because banking exams are conducted online and have a set time limit. And this question can come in your mind if you are preparing for bank exams “how can I increase speed in bank exam.”

If you want to clear exams that will help you to a jobs in nationalized banks like SBI PO, SBI clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS clerk and IBPS SO, then you should craft a solid strategy to increase your speed and accuracy in bank exams.

In this article, we’re going to see 7 awesome tips to increase speed in bank or any competitive exams.

Lets dive in.

Here is how to Increase Speed in Bank Exams in 7 Easy Steps

1. Concept clarification

The first stage to increase speed and efficiency is to ensure that the fundamentals and concepts are understood. This aids in finding the results faster, which ultimately turns into better marks.

To solve the question paper better and pass these exams, make sure you understand each category of sums.

2. Understanding the formulas

Using mathematical formulas is crucial to solving arithmetic problems. As a result, mastering the various formulas will aid in quickly solving problem sums. Before you begin solving issues, learn the formulas. 

3. Practice as much as you can

The more diverse types of sums a student practices, the better his or her prospects of gaining speed and perfection in addressing troublesome problems, analytical questions and reasoning questions. While studying for these banking tests, practice as many questions as you can for as many hours as possible. There are various online tools which can aid in the process.

4. Using tricks and shortcuts

You can pick up some essential shortcuts and strategies for tackling reasoning and QA issues. The internet can be of great assistance in this situation. It is full of shortcut approaches and concept demonstrations. There are ample videos online that may assist you with regularly utilised shortcuts through short and extended movies. 

All you have to do is look up the topic online for which you want to learn the tricks. You might choose a film that you believe is the most straightforward and will best assist you. You can sometimes tackle the same problem using two different tricks or methods. As a result, you should practice determining which strategy is most appropriate for the situation.

5. Mock tests are the golden keys to accuracy and speed

Giving mock exams can bring the much-needed speed that you are looking for. Moreover, it will not only boost your speed but also brings precision. Only mock tests can present you with a real-time atmosphere that is close to the actual exam. It allows you to feel the pressure that you will face in the main exam. It assists you in identifying your weak and strong areas across all of your topics.

6. Improve your mental math abilities

To reduce calculation time, you should use imagery skills to the maximum extent and train your brain to calculate without doing the actual calculation.

Improve your mental math skills by picking numbers at random and performing basic operations in your head. Similar operations are possible in everyday life. For example, when watching a cricket match, ‘playing with numbers,’ reading statistics from a company’s balance sheet published in the newspaper, and so on.

7. Following a rigid schedule

Every successful candidate must possess the most important quality: discipline. It is important to figure out when the most productive time of the day is for learning. Early morning hours are great for improving calculation speed and mastering the QA part, as a rule of thumb.


Speed is undoubtedly a major factor in attaining success in these competitive exams. However, it is not only the speed that will help you to get that appointment letter; you will need precision. Thus, practice is the only roadmap to success here to improve speed  bank exams.

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