How to get OBC / Community / PAN / Certificates easily ?

Dear RACE Bank / SSC / TNPSC Students,

Certificates play a vital role in all Competitive Exam Selection Procedures including Bank, SSC, Railway & TNPSC Recruitment Examinations.

We have been advising students to apply for any Recruitment Notification with the proper details Applying for a namesake would make them miss the Opportunity in no time.

We can point this out that during the year 2013, more than 20 RACE Students who cleared various IBPS & SBI Examinations have not provided the Job due to the mismatch in the Application & Certificates.

Since then, we are providing a Document Verification Support for the cleared students and advising students to provide information based on the Certificates.

We are also supporting the RACE Students by getting Affidavits from the Lawyers & Doubt clarification sessions during the Success Meet Programs every year.

But, many students are still not aware of the OBC Certificates / etc. They may still be finding answers for any of the questions like, What is OBC Certificate?, How to get the OBC Certificate?, Am I eligible to get OBC Certificate? Does OBC Certificate have a validity period? Should I renew my OBC Certificate? Etc.

For those of us, who in need of such Mandatory Documents to apply for their Life-Changing Career; our RACE Institute is to conduct Two Days Special Program collaborating with VIJAYAN ONLINE SERVICES Company.

Vijayan Online Services is providing hustle free Facilities on getting Certificates such as Community Certificate, OBC Certificate, Passport, and Pan Card, etc.

Services Offered by Vijayan Online Services are,

Passport (New / Renewal), Community / OBC certificate, Pan card (New / Correction), Income Certificate, Aadhar Card Address Update, Deserted/Widow certificate, Employment Registration/Renewal, First Graduate Certificate, Voter ID (New / Correction), Legal Heir Certificate, LLR / Driving License, Thirumana Nidhi Udavi Thittam, Ration card — New / Correction, Nativity Certificate, Online apply for Govt / Bank Jobs, Unemployment certificate.

Vijayan Online Services will be conducting TWO DAYS SPECIAL CAMP in RACE Institute Chennai (GR Complex) on 8th & 9th June 2019.

RACE Students who wish to get the Certificates such as Community Certificate, OBC Certificate, Passport, and Pan Card, etc may utilize this Opportunity.

Documents required to get Original Certificates

Documents for Community Certificate

1 Photo

Any Address proofs

Aadhar Card

Community certificate of Mother/Father/Siblings

Documents for OBC Certificate

1 Photo

Any address proofs

Aadhar Card

Community certificate of Applicant

Documents for Passport

Aadhar Card

Any Present and Permanent address Proof

10., 12th and College Certificate

Birth Certificate

Documents for Pan Card

2 Photo

Any Present and Permanent address Proof

If Pan correction, Copy of Pan Card

Charges by Vijayan Online Services

They will be charging minimum charges for the above services that are follows. The charges are as follows:

Passport (New / Renewal) – 2000 Rs

PAN Card (New / Renewal) – 250 Rs

Aadhar card address update -100 Rs

Employment Registration / Renewal – 100 Rs

Community Certificate – 500 Rs

OBC Certificate – 500 Rs

Income Certificate – 500 Rs

PF Settlement / PF Advance – 300 Rs

UAN Activation – 100 Rs

Registration for the Camp

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