How to increase Aptitude Solving Speed ? »

How to increase Aptitude Solving Speed by 5 times?

check here and attent the session How to increase Aptitude Solving Speed by 5 times?
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999 Simplification Workout - Increase Aptitude Solving Speed

Race Coaching Institute is proudly organizing a Grand Event on Increasing the Aptitude Solving Speed up to 5 times very soon. 

The question, which comes from most of the Bank & SSC Exam aspirants is that is, How?.

Yes, that’s actually possible with a little effort we make for ourselves.


An Event named “999 Workout series” the most of RACE Students might heard of the Program which deals only with the Simplification questions. 

We strongly believe that simplifications is the most time consuming part in Quantitative Aptitude Section after all the various types of problems.

And also, we are still getting 5 to 10 questions from the topic in all Prelims and Mains Exams of any Bank & Competitive Examinations. 

The special program is scheduled to be conducted for 3 days starting from  October 9, 2019 in RACE Trivandrum Branch.

Get yourself SPEEDY

Students attending this special program will surely see themselves quick on solving Aptitude questions and lightening speed on Simplification questions. 

Of course, we teach you shortcut tricks and Vedic maths techniques in the special event. 

So, the attendee will be getting 333 simplification questions to solve in a day, which will be very easy to attend; a student may solve it within 3 hours. 

Our main motive of the program is to gain more Calculation Power which is guaranteed to those who attending this program.

We already tested this program in Our Cochin Branch. Almost 95% of the students at Out Cochin Branch can solve any Simplification questions in less than 15 seconds.So, by amazed at the performance of the students attended the program, we planned to implement this program in all the Race Branches on October 2, 2019. 

RACE Student of any branches can now attend this program on October 2, 2019.

As said in the promotional video, this program is going to be very useful in making you speedy. 

So, RACE Students who undergoing the extreme circle, RIP, Super Batch Programs are not advised to attend this as you have improved your calculation speed to attain this level of program. 

New Batch & Basic Circle students are welcomed to attend it without fail for all the three days. 

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