IBPS PO 2018-19 – Mock Interview Program in RACE Institute

IBPS PO 2018-19 - Mock Interview Program in RACE Institute

Dear Bank Exam Aspirants

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) recently released the Probationary Officer Recruitment Mains Exam Results which was conducted on 18th November 2018.

Candidates who have appeared for the IBPS PO Mains Examination are advised to check their Result at the link provided below.

IBPS PO Mock Interview 2018-19

More than 460 of our Students (so far) from all the branches have cleared the IBPS PO Mains Examination and all set to attend the Interview Selection Process.

We congratulate the candidates a.k.a RACE Students who cleared the IBPS PO Mains Examination and we wish each one of the candidates (RACE Students) to get shortlisted by clearing Interview Process.

Our RACE RED Team members are to conduct Mock Interview program for IBPS PO Recruitment 2018-19 as per the schedule (available below) in all Branches of RACE.

Mock Interview will be conducted by the Interview Panel Members who are having 30+ years of experience in interviewing candidates for Banking Sector and other organizations.

The IBPS PO Mock Interview is scheduled to be conducted from 24th December 2018 in all RACE Branches. The Mock Interview Schedule of all the branches is available below.

Registered students are advised to Download our RACE APP to get notified about the Mock Interview Venue, Slot Timing Details.

Download our RACE APP for Free & Get Latest Exam Notifications on the Go.

ibps po 2018 mock interview for all in race insttute

Non-RACE Candidates who cleared IBPS PO Mains can attend the Mock Interview at Just Rs. 499/-

IBPS PO Mock Interview 2018-19 - SCHEDULE

Interview Venue

For BranchesMock Interview Date
ChennaiChennai, Puducherry, Vellore24 Dec
CoimbatoreCoimbatore24 Dec
MaduraiMadurai26, 27 Dec
TrichyTrichy, Thanjavur27 Dec
SalemErode, Namakkal, Salem27 Dec
TrivandrumTrivandrum27 Dec
CochinCochinJan 1st Week (Tentative)
Bangalore (Jaya Nagar)Bangalore (Kudlu & Jaya Nagar)Jan 1st Week (Tentative)
TirunelveliTirunelveliJan 1st Week (Tentative)

IBPS PO Mock Interview 2018-19 - SLOT

NameEnrollment IdDateTimingPanel
K.KARTHIKS-B190717-EVE-00224.12.20188.30 amPanel I
M. AJITHB290118-MOR-A-03524.12.20188.30 amPanel I
SRIDHAR KBs160518-MOR-A-04624.12.20188.30 amPanel I
K ARUL ANANTHANB230616-MOR-C-02824.12.20188.30 amPanel I
NITYA.SB310717-MOR-A-02824.12.20188.30 amPanel I
GAJENRA KUMAR.CS230616-MOR-A-02424.12.20188.30 amPanel I
GOPI.J.MS190216-MOR-00824.12.20188.30 amPanel I
PRADEEPAN. KB110317-SS-02324.12.20188.30 amPanel I
PRASATH K SSB060918-MOR-A-10724.12.20188.30 amPanel I
SARATH KUMAR.CB140916-MOR-C-02624.12.20188.30 amPanel I
MITHUN PRAKASH KaBs060818-MOR-A-02024.12.20188.30 amPanel I
CHOZHA RAJAN. AB091117-AN-02024.12.20188.30 amPanel I
Sangeetha SB250716-AN-03124.12.20188.30 amPanel I
S.PHIRAVEENB260516-EM-01124.12.20188.30 amPanel I
S. PAVITHRAB180418-EM-A-00724.12.20188.30 amPanel I
V.PRASANNARAGAVS080517-MOR-A-00424.12.20188.30 amPanel I
ARAVINDH RB220118-MOR-A-01024.12.20188.30 amPanel II
K.ASWINISEP-09-BANK-EM-01524.12.20188.30 amPanel II
PURUSHOTHMAN PB290118-MOR-A-02124.12.20188.30 amPanel II
THARINI MB021116-MOR-A-07924.12.20188.30 amPanel II
M PAVITHRADEVITs030717-MOR-A-02124.12.20188.30 ampanel II
HARIKRISHNAN.TT060918-MOR-B-00824.12.20188.30 ampanel II
SAHANA.PB180618-MOR-A-05824.12.20188.30 ampanel II
RADHA RB190617-EM-04724.12.20188.30 ampanel II
RESHMA P RB120617-MOR-B-00324.12.20188.30 ampanel II
ARAVINDH TB290616-MOR-B-03024.12.20188.30 ampanel II
VIDYASAGAR.AB150616-MOR-C-05224.12.20188.30 ampanel II
SHRIYA THOMAS AB180618-MOR-C-00124.12.20188.30 ampanel II
VENKATRAM GB230718-MOR-A-03424.12.20188.30 ampanel II
SHYAAM SUNDAR STb061217-MOR-A-00824.12.20188.30 ampanel II
SIVARAMAKRISHNAN.TB220217-EM-04224.12.20188.30 ampanel II
PRADEEP SHANMUGAM PGBs230718-MOR-A-01724.12.20188.30 ampanel II
THAMARAIKKANI RS250917-MOR-A-01324.12.20188.30 ampanel II
AMRUTHA T RS181116-MOR-A-00524.12.20188.30 ampanel II
VISHNUPRIYA.SB250418-MOR-A-03824.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
V. VASANDHA RAJAB111016-MOR-A-01824.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
DEEPAK.SB251116-AN-00624.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
ASWINI BB120918-MOR-A-03024.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
BALU. SS020417-S-00824.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
ANOOP . A.TB160518-MOR-B-01924.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
NANDA KUMARS170717-MOR-B-05524.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
NAVEENKUMARANKS190617-EM-00624.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
NAVEEN BB030717-MOR-C-01024.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
VIJAYA SHANKAR.KS120816-MOR-A-01224.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
PRANAVE R KBs160718-MOR-A-02724.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
LAVANYA. K.SS260617-MOR-B-05824.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
G. KISHOREB231017-MOR-A-05424.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
MANOJ KUMAR.KB230518-MOR-A-00324.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
JANANI SHREE.PB180418-MOR-A-05024.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
MUTHUVEL. SB220217-MOR-B-05524.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
S DEIVENDRANB260216-MOR-01724.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
MATHUSUTHANAN MB190318-MOR-A-01624.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
DINESH.AS191016-EVE-00124.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
ARAVINDHAN RB250217-SS-00824.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
HARIKRISHNA SB190318-EM-01324.12.201812.30 pmpanel I
UMARANI VB310717-MOR-B-00124.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
NANMOZHI.PB170816-MOR-C-03524.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
A.M. SABARINATHB231017-MOR-B-02224.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
JULES ANTONY.SBs190218-MOR-A-00424.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
ARUN KUMAR GB120218-MOR-A-03724.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
DIVYA TB180418-MOR-A-03524.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
T. SAI SHANKARIB110716-MOR-B-03224.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
MARIA JESITHRA .JB080918-SS-02424.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
SASI KUMAR.AS230616-MOR-A-05524.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
HARITHA .VBs190518-SS-00824.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
HARISH KUMAR MB050318-MOR-A-01124.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
ASHWIN SBs090718-AN-00224.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
T. ANNAPOORNIB290118-EM-00624.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
MAHAA DEVI V RB090518-MOR-A-05624.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
L.GAYATHRI DEVIS080517-MOR-A-00924.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
B.INDHUMATHIB170717-MOR-D-05224.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
SUDARSAN.RBs260218-MOR-00324.12.201812.30 pmPanel II
MANOJKUMAR.VS100717-AN-A-02624.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
AISHWARIYA. DB111017-MOR-B-00724.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
AMRUTHA RB150217-MOR-A-00724.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
EVELIN JULIA RANI AB151117-MOR-A-00624.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
SIVAANAND KS310717-MOR-A-02124.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
GOPIKRISHNA RB190318-MOR-A-01924.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
SAHAYA LOUIS DYSON.KB080717-SS-02924.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
ANITHA RB180618-MOR-B-05624.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
VINOLEE SB040418-MOR-A-03024.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
LAKSHMI NARAYANAN SB110516-MOR-00324.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
VITHIYASAGARAN RS240517-MOR-A-01724.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
SAIPREETHI MB150317-MOR-B-01124.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
SUKY.MSS-03-B-01524.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
SANDHYA LKS190617-MOR-A-03324.12.20182.00 pmPanel I
AADHITH BHARGAV SB051016-MOR-A-00724.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
N. LAKSHMIB260218-MOR-A-00424.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
SOWMIYA. TB030717-MOR-B-02524.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
SARANYA RB240517-MOR-A-03824.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
SARANYA DEVI KB190516-MOR-01124.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
ABINAYA.SB110317-SS-00124.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
RaghulS080217-EVE-01024.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
SUJITHA NB181117-SS-02224.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
ARUL RAJA.KS100717-MOR-A-01424.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
VIJAY BS280916-EM-00324.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
RANJITH TS181117-SS-01224.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
DHANALAKSHMI BBs160718-MOR-B-00424.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
MAHESH KUMAR GSB100717-MOR-A-01824.12.20182.00 pmpanel II
KrishnaSEP-09-BANK-04824.12.20182.00 pmpanel II

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