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IBPS PO Spotting Error Sentence Improvement Qns 3

Check here IBPS PO Spotting Error Sentence Improvement Question and answer 3 to score more marks
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New Pattern General English Questions for IBPS PO 2017

D.1-10) A sentence is shown in four parts marked as (a), (b), (c) and (d) in each question. Read the sentences carefully and select the part which is grammatically wrong. If every part in the sentence is grammatically correct then, choose ‘No error’ (e) as the answer.

Q.1) A few days ago, He received (a)/ a WhatsApp message rhetorically (b)/ asking why left liberals are (c)/ so negative/pessimistic about the country. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option e)

Negative and pessimistic are synonymous. `A few….ago’ is an adverbial phrase – no error. `He received a whatsApp message – main clause in the past tense – No error. `Asking is a present participle acting as adjective, modified by adverb rhetorically, `why left … country’ object clause for the verb `asking’ all are right.

Q.2) The menu is simple and beside (a)/ the signature broaster chicken variety, (b)/ they also have short eats like chicken finger, burgers, (c)/ a few Indian vegetarian dals and Indian bread selection. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option a)

The meaning of the sentence requires that we should have a conjunction meaning in addition to. Instead we have a preposition `beside’ meaning `by the side of’ which is not correct.

Q.3) Ms. Bansal was run (a)/ on by the train and (b)/ suffered severe injuries (c)/ to the leg and arm. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option b)

Correct phrasal verb is `run over’ means caught under a running train. So, `on’ in part

  1. b) shd be replaced by `over’. Note ; `run on means continuous.

Q.4) In 2015-16, IIsc became the first Indian institute to be (a)/ ranked among the top 100 in (b)/ The World University Rankings for (c)/ engineering and technology at 99th position. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option e)

Q.5) The cumulative harms believed to be suffered by (a)/ India since the Kargil war in 1999 were (b)/ slowly built pressure amongst at least a very vocal (c)/ section of the public that enough is enough. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option b)

`were slowly built’ is in passive voice which is wrong. It should be simply `The cumulative ……. In 1999 slowly built pressure amongst…. So `were’ in part (b) should be omitted.

Q.6) Arjun Kapoor on gone (a)/ beyond being a Juhu boy and (b)/ why making successful Bollywood films (c)/ is all about understanding India. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option a)

`on gone’ is wrong usage. It should be replaced by `going’

Q.7) The claims and counterclaims (a)/ being made by each rival group that (b)/ they each has the capability to form (c)/ the government are only eroding democracy. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option c) In part

  1. c) it should be `each has the capability’ or `they have the capability’

Q.8) Sometimes there is panic, if he can’t (a)/ hear the sound, it means either (b)/ the tiger has wandered off into a valley, (c)/ or the radio collar are not working. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option d)

SVA error. Radio collar is singular. `are’ should be replaced by `is’

Q.9) She says she feels (a)/ so scared that she dares (b)/ not watch her kids (c)/ climb the last tier. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option b)

Here `dare not’ is a supporting verb. So `s ‘ should not be added to dare.

Q.10) Make America great again and (a)/ Bharat Mata ki jai is two of (b)/ the best examples of (c)/ positive messaging in our times. (d)/ No error. (e)

Ans: Option b)

SVA error. The slogan `Make America great again’ joined by `and’ with `Bharat Mata ki jai’ makes the subject plural. So `is’ in part

  1. b) should be substituted by plural verb `are’.

Answer Key: 1. (e) 2. (a) 3. (b) 4. (e) 5. (b) 6. (a) 7. (c) 8. (d) 9. (b) 10. (b)

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