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IBPS SO Prelims & Mains Exam Syllabus – Latest

IBPS SO Prelims & Mains Exam Syllabus Latest ENGLISH LANGUAGE REASONING Quantitative Aptitude pattern
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IBPS SO Prelims Exam Syllabus


Word Formation, Passage Correction, Sentence Correction, Spelling, Idioms and Phrases, Sentence Completion, Synonyms, Antonyms, Theme Detection, Passage Completion, Conclusion


Sitting Arrangement, Series Completion, Syllogism, Decision Making, Statement Reasoning, Analogy, Coding-Decoding, Blood Relation, Series Completion, Analogy, Classification

Quantitative Aptitude

Numbers, Simplification, Roots, Average, Surds & Indices, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Ratio & Proportion, Boats & Streams, Allegations , Simple and Compound Interest, Stocks & Shares, Clocks, Logarithms, Mensuration, Volume & Surface Area, Permutation & combination, Probability, Heights & Distances Partnership, Chain Rule, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Problems on Trains, Pipes & Cisterns, Tabulation, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Charts


Questions in this section will be asked for testing the candidate’s general awareness of the environments around him and its application to society. These questions will be such that they do not require a specific study of any discipline.

Knowledge of current events, India and its neighboring countries, Sports, History, Culture, Geography, Economy, General Polity, Indian Constitution, Scientific Research

Over 50% of the questions will be related to Economy, Banking, and Finance


In this section, Questions from respective fields are asked- Agriculture, Law, Marketing, IT and HR

GATE Exam syllabus for respective discipline will be the syllabus for Professional Knowledge. Only basic questions will be asked.

IBPS SO: Mains Exam Syllabus

IT Officer:

DataBase Management System (DBMS), RDBMS, ER Diagrams, Normalization, Overview of SQL queries, Transaction Management, Data Communication & Networking, IP Addressing (Subnetting), Network, Architecture, OSI Model, TCP-IP Model, Data Communication.

Operating System, Types of OS, Semaphore, Scheduling, Network Security, Cyber Crimes – Risk Management, Firewall, Cryptography, Process thread, Dead Lock, Memory Partitioning, Page Replacement, Computer organization, Hardware, Microprocessor, Bus Structure etc.

Software Engineering and data structure topics: SDLC, Software Development Models, Array, Linked List, Stacks etc.

Web Technologies and basics of Programming Languages topics: HTML Tags, XML, Network Security, basics of C, C++, OOP languages.

Agricultural Officer:

The candidates appearing for IBPS SO Agriculture Exam should have some knowledge in the following topics such as Agriculture, seeds, soil, vegetables, animal husbandry etc. Followings are the topics that are expected to be covered in IBPS SO Agriculture Officer Exam.

Introduction to Agriculture & Crop: Seed Technology, Agriculture Economics, Agricultural Practices, Seasonal Crops (Rabi and Kharif).

Soil & Fertility: Soil Resources, Types of Soils in India, Physical Properties of these Soils

Manures & Fertilizers: Green Manures, Fertilizer – types, chemical composition, applications, etc.

Cropping Scheme: Crop Rotation, Cropping System, Soil and Crop suitability, Climate and Crops, etc.

Weeds: Classification of weeds, Merits, and Demerits, Weed Control.

Irrigation: Sources and Methods of Irrigation, Problems related to Irrigation, Advanced Irrigational Facilities, Important Dams and Rivers that have played a major role in shaping Irrigational Activities.

Rural Credit: Agriculture Insurance Schemes, Woman & Child Development Schemes, Role of RRBs, Agricultural Loans, and Financing

Vegetable & Fruit Science: Crop Horticulture – Sowing Time & Spacing, Seed Rate, Important Varieties, Herbicides & Pesticides, Plant Diseases, Preservation and Types of Cropping Systems. Fruits & Vegetables Preservation Methods, etc.

Surveying: Introduction to Surveying, Classification of Surveying, Benefits and Recent Surveys and Committees.

Animal Husbandry: Classifications, Small Industries, Diseases and Causes, Breeding, Dairy, Cattle Management, Small Scale Industries and Threats to them.

Dairy: Cattle Management, Rearing, Common Practices, etc.

Agriculture current affairs: Latest Developments, Recent Discoveries, Latest Bt. Crops and related Research, Hybrids, etc.

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