Important MCQ in Latest Banking Awareness – Part 3 – RBI Grade B Phase 2

Important MCQ in Latest Banking Awareness - Part 3 - RBI Grade B Phase 2

1) Which of the following is the recent labour reforms in india for protection of Lobours?

a) Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Shramev Karyakaram

b) Inspector Raj

c) Shramev Jayate

d) Apprentice Protshan Yojana

e) All the above

2) WTO replaces which of the following ?





e) None of these

3) The Revenue expenditure is less than ————— is called Revenue Deficit.

a) Revenue implicit

b) Revenue Income

c) Revenue explicit

d) All the above

e) None of these

4) The abbreviation of FRBM is————

a) Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management

b) Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Making

c) Fiscal Response and Budget Monetary

d) All the above

e) None of these

5) The Central PSEs that have made profits in the last three years in a row and have positive net worth are eligible to be considered for grant of ———- status.

a) Ratna

b) Miniratna

c) Navaratna

d) Maharatna

e) None of these

6) FDI is completely disallowed in which of the following sectors—————-

a) Gambling and Betting

b) Nidhi company

c) Atomic Energy

d) All the above

e) None of these

7) Which state has a notorious reputation with the lowest sex ratio and rampant girl infanticide?

a) Kerala

b) Harayana

c) Maharastra

d) Tamilnadu

e) None of these

8) which of the following disease is major in india


b) Tuberculosis

c) Cholera

d) all the above

e) None of these

9) Urban Clutter relates to?

a) Air pollution in urban

b) noise pollution in urban

c) Soil pollution in urban

d) Water pollution

e) None of these

10) How many goals were identified by India for UN Agenda for worlds suistainable Development?

a) 17

b) 20

c) 23

d) 19

e) None of these

11) WB has reported —————-as the world’s largest public work programme

a) Janani Suraksha Yojana

b) Mid-day meal school

c) Indira Gandhi National old age pension scheme


e) All the above

12) Father of Economics is?

a) Adam Smith

b) Max Muller

c) Maxwell

d) Marx

e) None of these

13) The Deputy chairman of Planning commission is

a) President

b) Vice-President

c) Finance minister

d) One who holds the rank of cabinet ministers

e) None of these

14) The Economy service is published by

a) HRD Minister

b) Prime miniter

c) Ministry of Finance

d) Planning commission

e) None of these

15) The National Development council finalises which of the following proposals?

a) Five year Plans

b) Budgetary control

c) Ten year plans

d) all the above

e) None of these

16) Indian Economy is?

a) Mixed economy

b) Variable economy

c) Socialistic economy

d) Semi-variable economy

e) None of these

17) In which of the following sector major percentage of people engaged in

a) Secondary sector

b) Teritary sector

c) Public sector

d) Private sector

e) none of these

18) A rolling plan consists of

a) 5 year

b) 3 year

c) 2 year

d) 1 year

e) None of these

19) Economic planning is a subject defined in which of the following lists?

a) Concurrent Lists

b) Union list

c) State list

d) All the above

e) None of these

20) Globalisation of Indian economy

a) Minimum possible restrictions on economic relations with other countries

b) Maximum possible restrictions on economic relations with other countries

c) Import of foreign goods

d) All the above

e) None of these

21) A closed economy is

a) Only import takes place

b) Only exports takes place

c) Both import and export takes place

d) Neither import nor export takes place

e) None of these

22) The main aim of FRBM act is to eliminate——– of the country

a) Revenue Deficit

b) Revenue Expenditure

c) Revenue Income

d) All the above

e) None of these

23) The 17 sustainable goals were implemented from 2015 to———-

a) 2030

b) 2022

c) 2020

d) 2025

e) None of these

24) For the internal Financing of five year plans ,the government mainly depends on

a) Public borrowing

b) Public borrowing, Deficit financing and Taxation

c) Taxation

d) All the above

e) None of these

25) India is the world’s ——–larget Military spender

a) 3rd

b) 4th

c) 5th

d) 2nd

e) None of these

26) In Economics ,the production states

a) Manufacturing

b) Marketing

c) Creating Utility

d) Farming

e) None of these

27) At present,there are ——–items which is kept in negative list of services in service tax.

a) 18

b) 17

c) 20

d) 21

e) None of these

28) Tax Evasion over Rs 5 crore is———offence under new GST regime

a) Bailable

b) Non bailable

c) Both a and b

d) Either a or b

e) None of these

29) Funds transferred from PF to National pension system is———-under PFRDA

a) Taxable

b) Not taxable

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) Neither( a) nor (b)

30) The problem of Economics arises Because

a) Unavailability of goods

b) More wants and less goods

c) Availability of goods

d) all the above

e) None of these

31) Which one of the following is not a dimension of human development index?

a) Education

b) Life Expectation

c) Knowledge

d) Social status

e) None of these

32) In Macro Economics, the basic problem studied is

a) Production of income

b) Distribution of income

c) Usage of income

d) All the above

e) None of these

33) The public sector is most dominant in

a) Commercial Banking

b) Steel

c) Transportation

d) all the above

e) None of these

34) In Economy “Take-off stage”is

a) Economy is collapsed

b) Economy is stagnant

c) Steady growth begins

d) all the above

e) None of these

35) The Rolling plans basic feature is

a) While fixing target the annual fluctutations in prices and major economic developments are considered

b) visuvalistion of physical target is considered

c) The achievements of previous year are revised

d) All the above

e) None of these

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