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Indian Polity One-liner 1: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Materials PDF

Check Here Indian Polity One-liner 1: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Materials PDF download
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Indian Polity One-liner 1: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Materials PDF

1) Where was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held?

New Delhi

2) Which proclamation of National Emergency automatically suspends?

Right to freedom

3) Who decides the number of Judges in a High Court?


4) Which country has the briefest Constitution in the world?


5) Who is competent to prescribe conditions as for acquiring Indian citizenship?


6) Which committee was assigned to recommend reforms in the insurance sector?

Malhotra committee

7) During the proclamation of National Emergency which articles cannot be suspended?

Articles 20 and 21

8) Which is at the apex of the-three tier system of Panchayati Raj?

Zila Parishad

9) Under which ministry, central pollution control bureau works?

Environment and Forest

10) The year of the “Shimla pact” between India and Pakistan is?


11) When was the Lokpal bill passed in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha with more strict provisions-2013

12) Where was the system of shadow cabinet started from?

Great Britain

13) Which are the two forms of democracy?

Direct and Indirect

14) Who supported the concept of “public desire”?


15) Sovereign parliament is a contribution of?


16) “Oh! Disrespectable democracy! I love you” whose statement is this?


17) Who played an important role during “reign of terror” in France?


18) Who was propound the principles of Panchsheel?

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

19) Which of the followings recommended three language formula?

Kothari Commission

20) Which of the followings was a popular slogan of French revolution?

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

21) To whom, the Union Public Service Commission presents its report?


22) How type of right is Right to Information?

Fundamental right

23) Meghnad Saha is known for his contribution in which field?


24) Which right conferred by the Constitution of India is also available to citizens?


Freedom to speech

25) What is the minimum age for election/appointment as member of the Rajya Sabha?

30 years

26) What is the minimum age for being the member of the Parliament?

25 years

27) What is the maximum number of elected members in a State Assembly?


28) By whom are Zonal Council provided?

By Parliamentary Act

29) By whom was an inter-State Council set up in 1990 under Article 263 of the Constitution?


30) How many votes are entitled for members of the UN Economic and Social Council?

One vote

31) On which date India became a Sovereign, democratic republic?


32) The Ninth Schedule was added by which Amendment?


33) To which duties is the system of value-added taxation applicable?

Excise duties

34) By whom is the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected?

All the members of Lok Sabha

35) Which first woman to become a Chief Minister of any State in India?

Sucheta Kripalani

36) What does the special status of Jammu and Kashmir imply?

A separate Constitution

37) To whom is the Chief Minister of a State responsible?


38) Which tax is levied by the Union and collected and appropriated by the States?

Stamp Duties

39) With which amendment act has Panchayati Raj received constitutional status?


40) By whom was the Constitution of India adopted?

Constituent Assembly

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