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Indian Polity One-liner 2: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Materials PDF

Check here Indian Polity One-liner 2: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Materials Download PDF
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General Studies One-liner 2: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Material PDF

41) When was the Constituent Assembly for undivided India first met?

9th December, 1946

42) The United Nations declared 4th week of September which week?

Peace Week

43) Which is a human right as well as a fundamental right under the Constitution of India?

Right to education

44) Who decides about the reasonableness of the restrictions placed on Fundamental Rights?


45) By whom is Recognition to a political party accorded?

By the Election Commission

46) Which Judge of the Supreme Court was unsuccessfully sought to be impeached?

Justice Ramaswami

47) On which Panchayat did the Ashok Mehta Committee greater emphasis?

Mandai Panchayat

48) Which State has no Panchayati Raj Institution at all?


49) Which body finalises the Five Year Plan proposals?

National Developement council

50) How the Constitution describes India?

As Union of states

51) With which amendment act has Panchayati Raj received constitutional status?

73 rd

52) During which prime minister was the strategy of Rolling plan was adopted?

Morarji Desai

53) To whom are the Ministers individually responsible?

The President

54) By whom is the Contingency Fund of the State operated?


55) Whose prior consent can the Money Bills be introduced in the State Legislature?


56) In which of the Parliamentary Financial Committees is the Rajya Sabha not represented?

Estimates Committee

57) From which fund are the salaries of the Judges of the Supreme Court drawn?

Consolidated Fund

58) From which of the country, Constitution of India has adopted fundamental duties?

Erstwhile USSR

59) What does the Constitution name our country?

India, that is Bharat

60) Which is the largest Committee of the Parliament?

The Estimates Committee

61) In which State was the Panchayatl Raj first introduced?


62) Who was the first woman governor in independence India?

Sarojini Naidu

63) Which of the following states has a legislative council?


64) Which of the followings has the power to form new states or to change the borders of the states?


65) Under which of the following articles, the president rule can be imposed in any state in failure of constitutional machinery?

Article 356

66) The constitution does not have the provision to impeach?


67) Who considered “pressure groups” as the “third house of the legislature”?

  1. M. phiner

68) Under which article, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is considered as a special state?


69) In which year, the states were reorganized on linguistic lines?


70) Which was the first linguistic state?

Andhra Pradesh

71) In which year, the anti-defection law was passed by Indian Parliament?


72) Which method is used for the election of the members of Lok Sabha?

Territorial Representation

73) Which of the followings is a feature of civil services India?

Neutrality and un Biasedness

74) Planning Commission of India was?

A non-constitutional body

75) Which is the supreme body in the country to approve five-year plans?

National Development Council

76) The term of Comptroller and Auditor General of India is?

6 years

77) Under which of the following articles of Indian Constitution, the verdict of central administrative tribunal can be challenged in supreme court?

323 A

78) Which of the following prime ministers was ousted by no-confidence motion in parliament?

P. Singh

79) Who gave the idea of “Cabinet Dictatorship”?


80) What is the minimum age for the post of prime minister of India?


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