JAIIB Exam Books 2023

JAIIB Exam Books 2023

Every student aspiring to know the Top Books which is required for JAIIB exam 2023 preparation.
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JAIIB Exam Books 2023

JAIIB means Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers in Indian Banking Institute and it is the flagship course for which only regular members are allowed to take part. The purpose of the JAIIB tests is to provide a required level of basic knowledge in banking and finance services, Banking Technology, Customer Relations, Basic Accounting and Legal Aspects which are essential for carrying out day to day bank operations. Both personal and professional aspects are being taken into account by candidates through the JAIIB 2023 exam. The online exam for JAIIB June 2023 has now been scheduled for 7th, 13th, 14th and 21st May 2023. In this article, we will discuss bout the best books for JAIIB Exam 2023.

Best Books For JAIIB Exam 2023

The Best Books for JAIIB 2023 are available to candidates studying for the exam. The proper set of JAIIB Exam study materials is required. Candidates should ensure they have a list of the top JAIIB practice books since they have found a good article. As a result, the aforementioned JAIIB study guides will enable you to ace the JAIIB Exam.

To pass it, candidates must completely understand the subjects covered by the JAIIB Exam syllabus.

On the official IIBF website, the official notice for the JAIIB Exam date 2023 has been published.

Principles and Practices of Banking, Accounting and Finance for Bankers, and Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking are all topics covered in the JAIIB Exam.

Candidates may also consult the study materials specified in the following article and the JAIIB exam syllabus.

JAIIB new syllabus 2023 covers the Indian Economy & Indian Financial System, Principles & Practices of Banking, Accounting & Financial Management for Bankers, Retail Banking & Wealth Management.

Candidates are recommended to obtain the and study materials from the list provided on this page if they hope to surpass the JAIIB Exam cut-off marks.

What Is JAIIB, Exactly?

Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers is referred to as JAIIB, while Diploma in Banking and Finance is referred to as DBF. It is the signature course of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). While DBF is accessible to non-bankers/non-members, JAIIB is only for bankers/members. In May and November of each year, the exam is given twice. PPB, IE & IFS, AFM, and RBWM are the four papers from the new session 2023 of JAIIB.

Top Books Which Is Required For JAIIB 2023 Exam Preparation

This is the list of best books for JAIIB 2023:

Name of the Subject

Name of the Book


Principles and Practices of Banking

Principles and Practices of Banking


Accounting & Finance for Bankers

Accounting & Finance for Bankers


Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking

Legal & Regulatory Aspect of Banking


General Banking Topics

Banking Awareness

Disha Experts

Banking & Financial Awareness

Kiran’s Publication

Banking Awareness

Arihant Publications

Economic Survey

Government of India Ministry of Finance

Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking

N.S. Toor and Arun Deep Toor

JAIIB Principles and Practices of Banking: Best Books for JAIIB exam 2023

  • Financial Awareness and Objective Banking – Dhankar Publication
  • Principles and Practices of Banking 3rd Edition – Macmillan Education
  • JAIIB Practice Workbook 7th Edition – Exam Block

JAIIB Exam Books 2023: Finance and Accounting

  • Accounting and Finance for Bankers – Macmillan Education
  • Awareness of Banking (Objective and Subjective) – Sangram Keshari Rout
  • Fast Track Objective Arithmetic – Rajesh Varma/ Arihant

JAIIB Exam Books 2023: Regulatory and Legal Aspects of Banking

  • Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking – IIBF
  • Analytical Reasoning – MK Pandey
  • Objectivity in Banking & Financial Awareness – Dhankar Publications

Courseware created by the IIBF has covered JAIIB Exam Study Guides and Online Courses required for the JAIIB syllabus 2023. JAIIB study materials for the topics will be accessible at publisher outlets and on the official IIBF website under the “Exam Related” menu for information on the book or books and the location of the publisher or publisher outlets.

However, because banking and finance are dynamic industries, laws and regulations are subject to frequent revision. Therefore, the course materials should not be the main source of knowledge when studying for the exam.

  • Candidates are advised to review the updates posted on the IIBF website periodically.
  • Read through the RBI’s Master Circulars and Master Directions and IIBF publications, including IIBF Vision and Bank Quest.
  • Along with reading other books and publications addressing the subject/exam in question, candidates must also check the websites of organizations like RBI, SEBI, BIS, IRDAI, and FEDAI because questions based on recent developments about the subject/exam may also be asked.

We really hope that you liked reading and learned something from this essay. I trust that you now have a better grasp of the books you may use to prepare for the JAIIB Exam Recruitment 2023. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I get ready for JAIIB 2023?

Ans: Read through the examination syllabus, pattern, and other necessary materials on the IIBF website to prepare for the 2023 JAIIB exam. Choose the standard reference books for each area, then finish the topics one at a time. Learn the MCQs and mock exams.

  1. Can JAIIB be cleared in 15 days?

Ans: ‘NO’ is the reply to the first query. Clearing JAIIB is not at all difficult.

  1. What are the JAIIB passing scores?

Ans: To pass the JAIIB examination, students must receive at least 50 out of a possible 100 marks. Candidates will be considered to have passed the exam even if they only get at least 45 points in each subject and 50 percent overall on their first attempt.

  1. What happens next if you pass the JAIIB?

Ans: According to the current pay scale, if you pass the JAIIB Examination, you will earn one increment, and if you pass the CAIIB Examination, you will receive two increments. An officer working at a nationalized bank is entitled to one increment after passing the JAIIB and CAIIB examinations.

  1. What is the maximum age for the JAIIB exam?

Ans: There is no fixed age restriction for the JAIIB Exam. The exam costs Rs. 2700 for the initial try and Rs. 1300 for each additional attempt after one successful.

  1. Does the JAIIB exam have negative marks?

Ans: Each subject will include 120 questions of the multiple-choice variety. For incorrect answers, no points are deducted.

  1. Is JAIIB just available to bankers?

Ans: The JAIIB and CAIIB examinations are only open to those who are now engaged in the banking and financial sectors.

  1. How can I develop time management skills for the 2023 JAIIB Exam?

Ans: By taking additional tests and mock exams, candidates may practice effective time management.

  1. Where can I get JAIIB study materials?

Ans: The Books & resources provided for the preparation of JAIIB are free on Oliveboard and IIBF Learning Tree.

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