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KVB PO Joining formalities session by Thiru. Veeraraghavan

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KVB PO Joining formalities session by Thiru. Veeraraghavan

“The Before”
Dear RACE Student, 
Before others’ treasure is handed to you, 
Before the Bank starts Banking on you,
Before you draw a smile on many,
Before you help people save their money,
Before you start working hard,
Before you start issuing card,
Before giving the needy their loan,
Before teaching your subordinates the skills to hone,
Before creating (documents) bonds,
Before strengthening several (relationships)bonds,
Before presiding many meetings,
Before occupying the centre stage of ratings,
Before addressing the long queue,
Before changing the gloomy hue,
Before placing gold in the locker,
Before becoming a bliss maker,
Before becoming an officer.
We have something for you before these before(s) !!!!!!
Our dear Kings and Queens of KVB.
Start conquering the world of banking after our coronation.

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