Meet your real competitors in RACE Practice village Salem

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Meet your real competitors in RACE Practice village Salem

Dear RACE Students,

Practice village, is the best place for distraction free practice. By becoming a Practice village student you will get a great chance to taste your college life again; not to enjoy but to fight for your career. Unlike your college life, staying in practice village will make you get your dream job.

You may have noted that, our Institution has giving the great support to make every one clear bank exams. We conduct Practice programs like “Circle, Extreme Circle, RIP, Super Batch, Focus group and Night shift”, Materials and faculty support, computer lab, library and so on…

Yes, of course it would take time and effort; like, you have taken to mould yourself. It would take time to make you a warrior.

But, for your information, By becoming a Practice village student, the above process will be simplified by the distraction free environment and a goal focused approach.

We think, the 60 days program is more than enough to make you strong for any exams. Students and staff around you will be discussing about the goal (which gives a great motivation to practice more) 24×7.

Introducing Super Batch in Practice village

Super batch Eligibility Test is held on July 8th and 9th in all the branches. with the support of RED Team members, more than 15000 RACE Students have attended the test. The score will likely to be revealed on 10th / 11th (Tentative) of July 2017.


a) Students got selected may be called for an interview

b) Super Batch will start from July 13th in all the branches of RACE Institute.

Want to crack Govt Exam this year?