Mock Interview for IBPS SO and SIB Probationary Clerk cleared students

IBPS SO & SIB Probationary Clerk - Mock Interview


Dear RACE Students,

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) and South Indian Bank released the written examination results of the Specialist Officer and Probationary Clerk Recruitment vacancies.

Both IBPS and SIB are about to conduct Personal Interview for the candidates mentioned “Qualified” in the written examination results.

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Mock Interview Program for IBPS SO and SIB Probationary Clerk:

Awarded the Best Coaching Institute because of the immersive support, our RACE Institute is arranging a Special Mock Interview Program for the candidates qualified for IBPS SO or SIB Probationary Clerk Personal Interview.

When IBPS and SIB are yet to confirm the Personal Interview date, they are about to release the Call Letter / Admit card for the Personal Interview.

The Mock Interview date and Panel at Chennai for IBPS SO Interview candidates in the fields of IT, Agriculture and MBA (Marketing, HR and Finance) are given below:

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Mock Interview Panel Members:for Chennai & Branches (IBPS SO Interview)

The Mock Interview for IBPS SO cleared candidates will be handled by the CGM / DGM / GM like Senior Bank Officers and experts Specialized on the SO Cadre.

We will be arranging separate Panel Members for both IBPS Specialist Officer and SIB Probationary Clerk Mock Interviews.

List of Panel Members:

Mr. S.Natarajan CGM(R) NABARD Specialist in Agriculture Panel Head

Mr. R.Krishnamoorthy DGM(R) IOB Specialist in General Banking

Mr. Sampath Kumar DGM(R) IOB Specialist in Chartered Accountant

Mr. Kumar Specialist in Info-Tech Systems Audit

Mock Interview Venue, Date and Schedule:for Chennai & Branches (except Trivandrum):

Based on the discussion with the RACE Senior staff members and Chief Programming Officer, we have confirmed our CHENNAI BRANCH  as the venue of this Mock Interview Program.

Venue: RACE HO, Mahalakshmi Street T Nagar, Chennai (Click Here for RACE Chennai Branch Address)

Date: 21st February (Wednesday)

Timing: 9.30 AM to 6 PM

The Mock Interview will focus on technical knowledge of the candidates applying for the specific field with reference to knowledge on basic concepts and general awareness in banking products and services relating to their field and general attitude to a banking career based on their individual profile.

This program is for the students from RACE HO and other branches except for Trivandrum.

SIB Clerk Mock Interview Details (Chennai & Branches):For Chennai & Branches (SIB Clerk)

Date and panel Details of the Mock Interview for South Indian Bank Clerk cleared students @ Chennai branch is available below:

Date: 23rd February (Friday)

Venue: RACE Head Office, Mahalakshmi Street, T Nagar

Timing: 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM


Mr. D. Bhuthalingam GM(R) Indian Bank Panel Head

Mr. T.S. Srinivasan GM(R) Karur Vysya Bank

Mr. Kuruvilla Chief Manager (R), South Indian Bank

The focus will be on current affairs, basic banking awareness and personal profile-based questions to assess their attitude towards a banking career.

IBPS SO & SIB Clerk Mock Interview Details (Trivandrum):For Trivandrum Branch (IBPS SO & SIB Clerk)

The Date and Panel for Mock Interview at Trivandrum for the students appearing for IBPS SO Interview and students appearing for the Probationary Clerical Interview in South Indian Bank are given below.

Date: 21st and 22nd February – Wednesday and Thursday

Venue: RACE Trivandrum opposite to SL Cinemas

Timing: 9.30 AM to 6 PM


Mr. C. Gopal Kumar DGM(R) State Bank of India (Panel Head)

Ms. Latha Sara Daniel AGM(R) Indian Bank

Mr. K.Salim AGM(R) Punjab National Bank

In the case of students appearing for specialist officers interview, the mock interview will focus on technical knowledge of the candidates applying for the specific field with the reference to knowledge on basic concepts in their field of specialisation and general awareness in banking products and services relating to their field and general attitude to a banking career based on their individual profiles.

In the case of students appearing for clerical post interview at South Indian Bank, the focus will be on current affairs, basic banking awareness and personal profile-based questions to assess their attitude towards a banking career.

Date, Slot details of the Students appearing for the Interview given below.

Student NameEnrolment IdInterview DateTimeInterview for
SRUTHI PRATHAPTr-S070817-MOR-B-03321st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
VYSHNAVI GTr-S190717-MOR-B-05321st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
MAHADEV LTr-S200917-EM-01121st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
JISHNU PRAKASH JTr-S280617-MOR-B-06321st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
Reshma PTr-Bs131117-MOR-00521st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
AMBILI MTr-B070717-MOR-A-03621st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
ANEESH RTr-S280617-MOR-A-05721st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
ANANTHAKRISHNAN VRTr-S280617-MOR-A-05621st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
ATHIRA R.PTr-B280617-MOR-A-03221st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
ARCHA P.STr-B280617-MOR-B-01121st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
GOPU G STr-S190717-MOR-C-05021st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
NITHA ANTONY NTr-S230817-MOR-A-06221st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
PARVATHY S RTr-B280617-MOR-A-05421st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
HIMAJA S VTr-B280617-MOR-A-05621st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
KARTHIKA STr-Bs131117-MOR-00921st Feb9.30 amSIB Clerk
AMRITA ATr-Bs131117-MOR-04421st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
SRUTHYTr-B070717-MOR-A-04021st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
SARANYA S VTr-S080717-SS-01221st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
GOWRI SANKAR B STr-B271117-MOR-00221st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
BALA MURUGAN VTr-S070817-MOR-B-03021st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
KALYANI DEVI GTr-Bs131117-MOR-03121st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
Karthika B STr-B100118-MOR-02221st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
Vishnu V NairTr-S280617-MOR-A-01221st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
PRAVEEN VTr-S070817-MOR-B-00921st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
YEDU KRISHNAN.M.STr-B070817-MOR-A-02321st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
ADARSH VTr-B070717-MOR-A-00721st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
JISHA.STr-S190717-MOR-C-00121st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
GOPI KRISHNA.JTr-S230817-MOR-A-04521st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
POOJA S NAIRTr-B280617-MOR-B-00221st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
HARITHA STr-S190717-MOR-A-00721st Feb1.30 pmSIB Clerk
SHERIN B NTr-Bs131117-MOR-02622nd Feb9.30 amIBPS SO
Vishnudev MTr-B090218-MOR-00822nd Feb9.30 amIBPS SO
PADMINI AJILTr-B270917-MOR-A-00622nd Feb9.30 amIBPS SO
Sharon FinnyTr-Bs090218-MOR-00822nd Feb9.30 amIBPS SO
VISHNU NVTr-B090218-MOR-02222nd Feb9.30 amIBPS SO
SUPRIYA S STr-S230817-MOR-A-05822nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
APARNA RTr-S280617-MOR-B-05122nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
Ajay Sankar KTr-B271217-MOR-02122nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
MINU J STr-Bs131017-MOR-02622nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
RENJITHA VTr-S270917-MOR-B-00822nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
CHIPPY CSTr-Bs181117-SS-00522nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
JAYAKRISHNAN VTr-S270917-MOR-A-02222nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
ANUPAMA J KTr-Bs141017-B-00522nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
VIDHYA STr-B131017-MOR-B-01622nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
Aani B DasTr-B270917-MOR-A-02222nd Feb9.30 amSIB CLERK
SARANYA SRTr-B070817-MOR-A-00322nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
VISHNU NVTr-B090218-MOR-02222nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
ANJANA UNNITr-B090218-MOR-00522nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
AKHIL N DTr-B100118-MOR-00322nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
Sneha Rachel BennyTr-S280617-MOR-A-03622nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
SARATH STr-S230817-MOR-B-02022nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
JOBIN GEORGETr-B070817-MOR-A-01522nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
GAYATHRI VKTr-B070817-MOR-A-03322nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
ANJANI JAYAKUMARTr-B190717-MOR-A-00222nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
NEETHU VIJAYANTr-S080717-SS-00522nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
SUMI VSTr-S110917-MOR-03422nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
ARUN M RTr-B070717-MOR-A-04722nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
JEENA MATHEWTr-S280617-MOR-A-07822nd Feb1.30 pmSIB CLERK
KRISHNA PRIYA P HTr-Bs131017-MOR-01423rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
ABHIJITH M NAIRTr-B110917-MOR-03423rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
ASHISH T STr-S190717-MOR-A-00623rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
HARIKRISHNAN STr-S280617-MOR-B-03323rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
YADHU KRISHNAN STr-B230817-MOR-A-01923rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
DEEPAK JOYTr-B230817-MOR-A-01223rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
ROHIT S STr-B070817-MOR-A-03023rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
RESHMA STr-B271217-MOR-00123rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
SREERAG K.PTr-B070817-MOR-A-04323rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
RAHUL G KTr-S110917-MOR-04023rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
RAHUL R PILLAITr-S190717-MOR-A-00523rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
ARSHA S KRISHNANTr-Bs271117-MOR-00423rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
LEKSHMI.L STr-B280617-MOR-A-03723rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
Rohini BTr-B131117-MOR-00423rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
Akshay KTr-S270917-MOR-A-04923rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
Srijith STr-B271117-MOR-00723rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
SAYUJ PADMANAB T DTr-S230817-MOR-A-01423rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
Gopika S STr-S280617-MOR-B-01423rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk
DEVIKA JAYANTr-S280617-MOR-B-03223rd Feb (tentative)9.30 amSIB Clerk

Registering for the Mock Interview? Note:

1. Candidates who have qualified in both IBPS SO and SIB Probationary Clerk vacancies must choose “IBPS SO & SIB PC” Option from the drop-down to attend Mock Interview in both the panels.

2. Students want to attend the Mock Interview will have to enter Reg No & Roll No on the registration form as per request.

3. Candidates must produce “Interview call letter / Exam Result Printout” while attending this Mock Interview Program.

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