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IBPS PO New Pattern Sentence Improvement Qns – Set 2

check here New Pattern Sentence Improvement Qns For IBPS PO Exam to score more marks for all competitive exam
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New Pattern Sentence Improvement Qns For IBPS PO Exam

Dear RACE Student,

Real Intensive Program for IBPS PO is going well. Herewith we have given the explanatory answers for the new pattern Sentence Improvement sample Questions that are mostly expected in the upcoming IBPS Exams.

We have added such Questions in IBPS PO Prelims Online Exams in RIP Program. We think the following set of questions will be helpful for the students to taste the new pattern IBPS PO Questions 2017.

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Important Sentence Improvement Questions for IBPS PO Prelims

D.1-5) A sentence or a part of the sentence is highlighted. Four alternatives marked as (a), (b), (c) and (d) are given as substitutions for the highlighted part, one of which will improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, choose the option “No improvement is required” i.e. (e).

Q.1) According to officials, the department conducts a survey every year for details of that the pensioner is alive and stays in the city.

  1. a) to ensure that
  2. b) to assured that
  3. c) to claiming that
  4. d) to detailed of that
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option a)

In the highlighted phrase `of ‘ is wrong because `that’ links the additional info to the sentence. So it has to be replaced. This eliminates option e

Options b, c, d are wrong because `to’ is not followed by base form of verb.

Q.2) She says that when experienced bikers heard what she was going to do, they ridiculed her and did not think it was possible to pull off.

  1. a) experienced bikers that
  2. b) experience bikers are
  3. c) while experienced bikers are
  4. d) while experienced bikers were
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option e)

`that….pull off’ is the object of the verb `says’ in the main clause

`when’ is the conjunction for linking the clause `experienced bikers……going to do’ and `they ridiculed her and …….. pull off’. All the clauses are right. All the options a, b, c, d cannot grammatically replace the highlighted phrase.

Q.3) The manager has come and armed with three security personnel, which prompted Sharma to flee from the store.

  1. a) can’t came with arming to
  2. b) came armed with
  3. c) will come and armed with
  4. d) won’t come for arming to
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option b)

`armed with ……. Personnel’ is an adverbial. It has to be directly linked with verb come. So the highlighted phrase is wrong.

We do not have an option `has come armed with’

Option a) is wrong because a modal auxiliary has to be followed by basic form of verb.

  1. c) is wrong because action indicated in the second part of the sentence which is in the past tense after the action in the first part. So first part should be in the past tense.
  2. d) is wrong because it will make the first part in the future tense. Moreover the verb `arming’ will take its object without the preposition.

Q.4) A truck driver whose vehicle was suffered damages in the subsequent incident said many motorists abandoned their vehicles because of the miscreants.

  1. a) suffering from the damages
  2. b) affected by the damages
  3. c) has affected by damages
  4. d) suffered damages
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option d)

The highlighted phrase is wrong makes vehicles as subject of the verb suffered in the passive voice.

  1. a) is wrong because there is no linking verb for `suffering’. Moreover suffering is not used for inanimate things.
  2. b) has no linking verb.
  3. c) is in passive form but `been’ is missing after `has’.

Q.5) The station is one of most congests in the city and caters to more than 300 trains and sees a footfall of more than three lakh each day.

  1. a) a most crowd area
  2. b) the most congested
  3. c) the more crowded
  4. d) the more congested
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option


The highlighted phrase has an implied noun `places’. So we should have the adjective form `congested’. `most’ is superlative and should be preceded by the definite article.

Q.6) The commercial cases where evidence has not been concluded will be listed before the courts upon their conclusion.

  1. a) has concluded
  2. b) for the case has concluded
  3. c) had been concluding it
  4. d) was concluded
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option e)

`evidence’ is singular and the highlighted phrase is correct.

Q.7) As an incentive, the regulator has decide to offers 20 per cent rebate to the complying industrial or commercial connections.

  1. a) had decided to give a
  2. b) has decided to offer
  3. c) had deciding to give
  4. d) was decided the offer of
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option b)

The sentence is in the present perfect tense. Moreover, the infinitive form should be `to offer’. So the highlighted phrase is wrong. It should be `has decided to offer’

Q.8) After the tenders, the contractor will have to order the bearings, following which they were manufactured.

  1. a) manufactured
  2. b) are to manufacturing
  3. c) had manufactured
  4. d) will be manufactured
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option d)

The relative clause ` which they ….manufactured’ should be in the future tense as per the logical flow of sentence. So the highlighted phrase is wrong. It should be `will be manufactured’

Q.9) The Committee sought the presence of Public Works Department before it since the civic agency finally take over the project.

  1. a) will be finally taking over
  2. b) would take over finally
  3. c) has finally take it over
  4. d) was finally took over
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option a)

The main clause `The Committee ……….. Department’ is in the past tense. The subordinate clause `since the civic … project’ can be in any tense as it is connected by a conjunction of reason.a) is in the correct form.

Q.10) Independent district-wise surveys too form part of exercise is to build in local narratives of the past to arrive at the larger picture.

  1. a) the duty to be build across
  2. b) exercise to built across
  3. c) the exercise to build
  4. d) duty to be built in
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option c)

`to build ……….picture’ is an adjective clause qualifying the noun `exercise’. So in the highlighted phrase `is’ is wrongly used. Options a, b and d are grammatically wrong.

Answer Key

  1. (a) 2. (e) 3. (b) 4. (d) 5. (b) 6. (e) 7. (b) 8. (d) 9. (a) 10. (c)

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