Physics One-liner 1: Free Study Materials PDF »

Physics One-liner 1: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Materials PDF

check here Physics One-liner 1: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Materials PDF download
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Physics One-liner 1: SSC CGL CHSL MTS Free Study Materials PDF

1) What is the relative permeability of a paramagnetic material?

Greater than unity

2) By whom was Electron first identified?

J) J. Thomson

3) When will a hot body radiate maximum energy?

If its surface is black and rough

4) Which rays are most penetrating?


5) Which common devices works based on the principle of mutual induction?


6) Which variety of glass is heat resistant?

Pyrex glass

7) When the temperature increases, what does the angle of contact of a liquid?


8) Which is the correct device for the detection of thermal radiation?


9) The refractive index of a given piece of transparent quartz is greatest for which light?

Violet light

10) If temperature rises, what will be the coefficient of viscosity of liquid?


11) What is the unit of luminous efficiency of an electric bulb?

Lumen / watt

12) Which Indian missile can carry nuclear weapons?


13) What is the growth movement in plant due to light called?


14) How much is one barrel of oil approximately equal to?

159 litres

15) If the mass of the pendulum is doubled, what will it’s the time period?

Remains same

16) The hydraulic brakes used in automobiles is a direct application of which law?

Pascal’s law

17) A metal sheet with circular hole is heated. what change will be in the hole?

It will be shrined

18) Who invented Laser?

Charles H Townes

19) When was decimal coinage introduced in India?


20) Which radiation carries maximum energy?


21) The Laxman Era was started (in 1119 AD) by which dynasty?


22) Water vapour is turned into water droplets by which process?


23) Mirage is observed in a desert due to the phenomenon of which reflection?

Total reflection

24) AT which °C water has full density?


25) Critical angle of light passing from glass to water is minimum for which colour?

Violet colour

26) What amount of energy transferred from one trophic level to next?


27) Which would expand the most on being heated?


28) A metal plate with a circular hole at the centre is heated. What will happen to the area of the hole?


29) What is the phenomenon of splitting white light into seven colours?


30) Critical angle is minimum when a light ray passes which thing?

Glass to air

31) What will be best colours for a Sun umbrella?

White on top and black on inside

32) Why is Weightlessness experienced in spaceship?

Due to absence of gravity

33) Which year is celebrated as International Year of Astronomy?


34) The Resistance of Human body (dry condition) is the order of?

10000 Ohm

35) Newton’s Law of gravitation is defined by?


36) What is the unit of electrical conductivity?


37) Who discovered the link between electricity and magnetism?

Michel Faraday

38) Chemical Energy is converted into Electric Energy?


39) Tesla is the unit of Magnetic?


40) The substance having infinite electric resistance are called: Insulator

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