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RACE Live Videos App: Exclusive for RACE Students

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Download the Latest Version of our RACE Videos APP

Download the latest Veranda Race Videos App now

Are you a RACE Student? Download RACE Videos App

Dear RACE Student, 

Veranda Race YouTube Channel attracts many Competitive Exam aspirants and about 4.8+ Lakhs of subscribers are currently following Veranda Race (previously RACE Coaching Institute) on YouTube. We have been providing plenty of useful videos and back to back live sessions daily.

We do lot of analysis and effort to make every video a wonderful one. The complete effort that we put to bring those videos get a lot of attention of youth aspirants.

If you haven’t subscribed us till now, then go ahead and do it.

RACE Institute _Youtube channel

Exclusive Videos for Veranda RACE Students

At the same time, we are also getting so many requests to make videos exclusive for Veranda RACE enrolled Students. We tried a bunch of techniques to provide you a seamless experience.

So, the end result of this thread is an exclusive Video App for Veranda RACE Students.

Students enrolled at Veranda RACE Institute can download the App from the link provided below and Watch Special Videos prepared exclusively for Veranda RACE family.

We successfully completed a Test run for a week in November last year (in 2020). Our RED Team staff members gave IBPS PO Mains Exam Videos during the test run in Veranda Race Video App.

It is to make a note that, Veranda RACE Videos App is exclusive for Veranda RACE Students. The videos live streamed through Veranda Race Video App will not be available in YouTube or elsewhere.

Download Veranda RACE Live Videos App Now

Veranda RACE Students who enrolled to get any of the Bank, SSC, Railway, PSC Exam coaching can Download RACE Videos App here (not available on Play Store) and watch the exclusive videos.

Notification regarding the Live Videos will be shared through the Veranda RACE APP

How to install Veranda Race Videos App from Unknown Sources?

Please follow the fix provided below, if you are facing any difficulty in Installing our new Veranda RACE Videos App.

1) Navigate to Setting > Security.

2) Check the option “Unknown sources“.

3) Tap OK on the Prompt message.

4) Select “Trust“.

Use RACE Enrolment ID & Password to login the RACE Videos App.

Common FAQ’s Regarding Veranda Race Videos APP:

Where to Download Veranda Race Videos App?

You can download Veranda Race videos App from the Download button available on this page.

Is “Veranda Race Videos App” available in google Play-Store?

As of now, the app is not available in the Google Play store, but users can download the App from the Veranda RACE Students Portal (Simbatech).

Is the “Veranda Race Videos App” available for “iPhone Users – App Store”?

No. The APP is only available to Android Users.

Should Veranda Race Students register a new account at Race Videos App?

Veranda Race Students can log in to the Race Videos app using their “Enrollment ID” and “password”. There is no need for registering for a new account.

Should Non-Veranda Race Students register at the Race Videos App?

YES. Non-Veranda Race students can register using the “Register Now” option at the Login Page.

When I tried to log in, it shows, “You are not authenticated”?

Please download the latest version of the Race Videos App from Simbatech.

Link to Download Race Videos App:

A New Version of the Race Videos App is available at the link mentioned above.

An Error message displays, “ Already registered in another Device”? What should one do?

Please note that we have restricted the usage of Race Videos App for a Single User in a Single Device. So, if a user tries to log in to a new device, the above-said message appears.

We have done this for security reasons, so please adhere to it. For genuine reasons, our team will be able to allow your usage in another device.

The user must mail the following to

Enrollment ID, Mobile Number, Android Device Name and Android Version Number

Our Team will be able to provide access to your new device within “6 hours” from which you have sent the mail.

I get, “Invalid Username and Password” error when I try to login to the Race Videos App?

Veranda Race Students from time to time must renew their enrolment ID (Usually for every 6 months) by visiting their branch and contacting the Co-Ordinator. Due to this COVID Situation, the aspirants will not be able to visit the Branch in person, so our team has provided an alternative way to renew their ID.

Race Students can renew their ID by contacting their Branch Coordinator through mails and can get their ID renewed.

[ This Error will not come, if you have your Enrolment ID renewed, So do it, if you haven’t done].

When will I get the schedule for the “ONLINE VIDEO CLASSES”?

All Race Students [New Race Students] who have joined the Classes will be able to get the Notification about the schedule of the “ONLINE VIDEO CLASSES” in the Race App.

Download the Race App for Android & iOS from this page 

Procedures to follow, after enrolling in RACE a be found here.

Where can I find the Online Video Classes in the “Race Videos App”?

You can find the “ONLINE VIDEO CLASSES” at the Top of the Race Videos App.

For more information about Race Video Course for Banking, please check the following:

How to Join in Online Circles for the ONLINE Live Classes?

New Batch students will be automatically added to the telegram Groups and old students who have attended the Basic Circle will have been added to the respective telegram/ WhatsApp groups. If not, please contact your respective mentor.

Note: The contact number of the Mentor will be available in your SIMBATECH Login.

Where can I call, if I have any issues regarding the Online LIVE Classes?

Please feel free to call us at +91-9043303030 for any queries.

How to attend the Tests, using “Access Code” in Race App?

Tests for Banking, SSC & TNPSC can be attended using the Race App.

Users can get the access code which is mentioned in the “ONLINE VIDEO Classes

[Note: Access Code for the respective Class test will be mentioned only during the class and it will not be available anywhere other than this]

Race Students can use the access code in the “Access Code” Tab in the Race App (Available in the Bottom Right Corner) and can enter the “Access Code” to attend the respective Tests.

Normally all “ONLINE LIVE VIDEO Classes” will have a class test with an “Access Code”, So don’t forget to attend the Tests.

The Videos of someday of “ONLINE VIDEO Classes” are removed? Where can I find the Previous Day “ONLINE VIDEO CLASSES”?

Please note that all videos will be available for a maximum of 2 days from the date of streaming. Do check the schedule and watch the classes from time to time. After 2 days, the videos will be removed from the LIVE Classes tab.

Note: Soon we will be updating the app with a new update with “ONLINE LIVE Classes” Playlists where the users can find the previous day’s ONLINE LIVE video Classes.

Expected ETA for this Update: This App update can be expected before your Class schedule completes. 

I Click, “OK” when the App says, “Kindly Update the App”? Even after clicking OK, it doesn’t update.

Please note that you have to manually update the app by downloading the APK.

Download here:

I get an Error Message, “Are we connected”?

You are using an OLD version of the Veranda Race Videos App. Please download the latest version of the Veranda Race videos App from Simbatech.

Download here:

When I Download Veranda Race Videos App in the Chrome or in Any Browser, It says, “CAN’T open the File?

Please note that Browsers don’t usually open the APK files for various reasons. So, open “File Manager” in your Phone and search “Veranda Race Videos App” APK and click it.

The App will be installed. In some Motorola and Redmi (Old Android versions), it will not be done, so please download another File Manager to install the Veranda Race Videos App APK.

Do you Support Android Version below 7?

Veranda Race Video App is supported for Android Mobile Phones which has a version number above 5.4.

We do not support Android Versions below 5.4.

I Have some other issues with Veranda Race Videos App (Technically)?

Feel free to contact us at, our team will be able to provide solutions to you at the earliest.

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