RBI Grade B Exam Study Material With Study Plan 2023

RBI Grade B Exam Study Material With Study Plan 2023

Get the best study material with study plan to prepare for the RBI Grade B Exam 2023
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RBI Grade B Exam Study Material With Study Plan 2023

One of the most valued exams in the nation right now is the RBI Grade B exam 2023. It is held annually to fill positions for Grade “B” officers (Managers) at the nation’s top bank. 

It goes without saying that the RBI Grade B test is extremely tough and passing it demands serious study. A staggering 238 Generalist officer openings were included in the RBI Grade B Notification 2023. The secret to passing the exam will be to start your preparations early.  In this article, you will get RBI Grade B Exam Study Material with Study Plan 2023.

For RBI Grade B Notification 2023, click the below link.

Studying For The RBI Grade B Exam: Phases 1 & 2

Before moving on to the study strategy and preparation plan, we want to make clear that you should be very familiar with the RBI Grade B Exam Pattern.

Be thorough when it comes to these two things:

Exam Syllabus and Pattern:

  • The most frequent error made by applicants is to start their preparations without even understanding the test format or syllabus. The syllabus for the exam should be memorized.
  • You may make direct connections between any topic you are reading or listening to and the topics listed in the syllabus by properly understanding it.
  • Never start your preparations without having a clear understanding of the RBI Grade B Syllabus 2023 and structure.

Exam Pattern For Phases 1, 2, And Interview For RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B Phase 1 Exam Pattern



Number of Questions

Time allotted (In minutes)

General awareness




Quantitative aptitude




English language












Each question will receive 1/4th negative marking. Based on the combined scores from Phase 1 of the test, candidates who achieve the minimum required marks in each Test individually will be shortlisted for Phase 2.

List Of RBI Grade B 2023 Exam Free Mock Tests

  • Free RBI Grade B Phase 1 Mock Exam
  • Free RBI Grade B ESI Test
  • Free RBI Grade B FM Practice Exam
  • 10 RBI Grade B Practice Exams from the Past Year
  • Free RBI Grade B Phase 2 Topic Tests for ESI & FM: 6 Grade B Phase 2 Descriptive Tests

Phase 1 RBI Grade B Preparation Plan

Let’s start by examining the Phase 1 test cut-off scores from prior years.

RBI Grade B Cut off Marks Comparison for Phase 1 Exam









General Awareness

(Max. Marks = 80)









(Max. Marks = 60)








English Language

(Max. Marks = 30)








Quantitative Aptitude

(Max. Marks = 30)








Phase 1 Cut Off Marks

(Max. Marks = 200)








Important Phase 1 Preparation Advice

  • GA Section (80/200 marks) is essential for passing Phase 1.
  • GA should be well researched.
  • The secret to answering the questions correctly is revision.
  • Use topic/sectional tests and practice exams to be ready for the other parts, which include English, Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. We shouldn’t be dependent on these parts since the types of questions they ask are unexpected.

Phase 1 Study Plan: Prepare By Administering Topic/Sectional Tests And Mock Exams For Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, And English Language

  • We also suggest viewing some of the QRE videos on our YouTube channel to have a better understanding of the fundamentals and learn the shortcuts for answering these questions.
  • Examine the RBI Grade B Mock test to identify your weak areas and practice them. Weekends are best for this.
  • Don’t work on these 3 components for more than 8 hours every week.

Important Topics


Important Topics

Quantitative Aptitude

Data Interpretation,

Quantity Based,

Data Sufficiency,



Quadratic Inequalities,

Number Series both missing and wrong number series.

Important arithmetic topics: Partnership, Average, Ages, Profit & Loss, Time & Work, Speed Time Distance, Boat & Stream, Trains, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion.


Alphanumeric Series,

Order and Ranking,

Direction Sense,

Alphabet Test,

Data Sufficiency,


Seating Arrangement,

Puzzle, Syllogism,

Blood Relations,



Logical Reasoning.

English Language

Cloze test,


Spotting the errors,

Para Jumbles,

New pattern questions,

Idioms and phrases,

Word Rearrangement,

Column Based questions,

Sentence improvement,

Paragraph Completion,


Reading Comprehension.

For RBI Grade B Study Plan 2023, click below.

RBI Grade B Current Affairs Study Method Sections That Must Be prepared For Current Affairs Include

  • General Awareness Section of Phase 1.
  • Current affairs make up 80% to 90% of the Phase 2 ESI Paper.
  • Phase 2 English Description (Fodder Material for Essay).
  • Phase 2 Finance Paper (Concepts linked to current affairs are being asked).
  • Interviewing Stage (Questions about the current happenings in Economy and Finance are asked).

Tips for preparation

Keep Phase 1 and Phase 2’s planning for current events concurrent.

Recent events for phase 1

In general, the last four months of current affairs (CA) (counting from the exam date) should be prepared, but the final three months of CA should be given top importance (also the last week before the exam).

The months of May, April, March, and February 2023 should be given top attention for Phase 1 GA for RBI Gr. B 2023. The current affairs for December 2023, November 2023, and October 2023 should be your next top focus.

You should study and review the government programmes, reports, and indices beginning in June 2021 and continuing until the exam date.

Recent events for phase 2

In general, the last six months (counting from the exam date) of current events (CA) should be prepared. For significant indices, reports, and plans, however, the past 8–10 months of CA should be consulted.

If you achieve a high GA score, you can easily pass the overall cut-off for phase 1.

Important Current Affairs Topics

Included in current affairs are the following:

  • Regularly updated News (for Phase 1 & 2).
  • Static GK relevant to current events (for Phase 1).
  • Economic Analysis (for Phase 1 & 2).
  • Union expenditures (for Phase 1 & 2).
  • 2011 Census (for Phase 1 & 2).
  • SECC 2011 (for Phase 1 & 2). 
  • Important RBI Reports, Circulars, and Notifications (for Phase 2 – high priority, Phase 1 – fewer chances).
  • Government Programs (Union & State Govt schemes, Phase 1 & 2).

How To Get Prepared?

  • It’s crucial that you read the current affairs in light of the exam criteria after you’ve grasped them. You ought to be aware of what to skip and what to study.
  • realizing the importance. For current affairs, the three months before the test are crucial.
  • As questions and regions from which they are asked are constantly changing, be sure to keep up with the latest trends.
  • For thorough coverage, you may either read the monthly capsules or cover current events on a daily basis.  Make sure you practice several current affairs multiple-choice questions to help you remember what you have read.
  • The key is REVISION. Continue weekly revisions to ensure that your planning is accurate.

Phase 2 RBI Grade B Preparation Plan

Take a look at Phase 2 and the last cut off points before we begin planning for Phase 2 here.

Comparison of the RBI Grade B Cut Off Marks for Phase 2 and Interview.

Recruitment Stage








Aggregate Cut–Off Marks in Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3

(Out of 300)








Aggregate Marks in Written Examination (Paper- 1, 2 and 3) and interviews were taken together

(Out of 375)








Plan Of Preparation For RBI Grade B Phase 2

General Tip

Prepare for both Phases 1 and 2 at the same time.

There are just 3–4 weeks between Phases 1 and 2.

Focus solely on Phase 1 preparation during the final week leading up to the Phase 1 paper.

Continue reading the static section and discussing CA.


Study every chapter listed on the curriculum.

To be able to write both descriptive and objective responses, you must have a firm grasp of the ideas


Review your concepts.

The focus would be on current events.

Learn about the most recent developments (CA) in the areas covered by the course.

There are three sorts of descriptive questions: completely static, completely current affairs-based, and completely static, or opinion-based.

Cover the newest budget, eco-report, and government initiatives.


Once more, strengthen your beliefs.

Cover every subject listed on the course agenda.

Keep up with news that relates to the subjects covered in the finance syllabus.

To have a thorough grasp of the questions being asked, go through the obj.+ desc. questions from the RBI Grade B Previous Year Paper.

RBI Grade B Mock test

Practice is the only option available. Practice topical, sectional, high-level problems, and DI tests from Phase 1.

Take the Objective + Descriptive Phase 2 Mock Tests. Analyze your practice exams and carefully review the solutions.

We hope this RBI Grade B Study material 2023 post was helpful to you as you prepared for your exams. Keep up with the competition for the officer-level test by using these section-by-section RBI Grade B notes. In order to quickly study for the RBI and other bank exams, you may also download on our own official website. I hope candidates have a clear understanding of the RBI Grade B Study plan 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.In 2023, will there be an RBI Grade B?

Ans: Only the Reserve Bank of India will be conducting the 2023 RBI Grade B Recruitment (RBI).

2.Where can I find RBI Grade B study materials?

Ans: The RBI Grade B Study Material 2023 from Veranda Race Institute can help you score higher on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Grade B Exam 2023.

3.How long should I spend studying each day to get an RBI Grade B?

Ans: A maximum of 5-7 days should be spent studying this subject, with 3–4 hours each day.

4.How can I pass RBI Grade B in 2023?

Ans: Writing mocks on a weekly basis is crucial. Depending on where you are in your preparation, mocks might be either sectional or all-encompassing. You may begin with sectional exams using my RBI Grade B Phase 1 and Phase 2 practice exams. You can start thorough mocks when the exam is one month out.

5.Is RBI Grade B Mains challenging?

Ans: It is well known that the RBI Grade B exam 2023 test is one of the most difficult tests to pass in India. The good news is that it’s not impossibly difficult. Despite the fierce competition, you may effectively pass this test with the correct competitive exam preparation.

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