Registration for REAP 10 October 2017 [updated]

REAP 10 October 2017

Dear RACE Students,

Do you remember REAP 10?

REAP 10 the competition which consists of Aptitude and Reasoning Questions to evaluate our students’ strength in these topics. REAP 10 started last month in Chennai branch (September 2017) went well received great support from the RACE Institute students. Almost 90% of the Chennai Branch students wrote this test last month. Know more about REAP 10 September Here.

Based on the suggestions we received from the students, we have included General English Section into the REAP October competition. 

Yes, REAP 10 October will include General English Questions. The decision was taken by the faculty team as a result of the responses received from students last month. Our students have felt that General English is the only section that was left out from the competition like this. So, we have included General English section to the REAP 10.

The 200 marks are segregated based on the question level. First 3 levels questions (30 Questions) will have 1 mark each. Next 4 levels of questions will have 2 marks per question. 3 Marks per questions will be given to higher level Questions.

Level 3, 6 and 10 will have General English Questions.

The online Exam will have separate timings for each level, as shown below.

Level 1: 7 Mins, Level 2: 8 Mins, Level 3: 10 Mins, Level 4: 11 Mins, Level 5: 12 Mins, Level 6: 13 Mins, Level 7: 14 Mins, Level 8, 9 and 10: 15 Mins

The “REAP 10 OCTOBER” is scheduled on 5th of October at all RACE Branches.


REAP 10 October for all. Yes, our senior staff members had some hot discussions with the higher officials to make your dream come true. Now, It’s official that “REAP 10 October is to be conducted for all RACE Branches.”

Registration for all the branches will be open from 11’o clock today (01-10-2017).


Students securing Top 3 positions will receive Prizes. Hope you can win this competition. Register Now..!

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