Sennight workshop for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam »

Sennight workshop for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

Sennight workshop for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam
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A famous quote says “Never say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to…”.

So, let us use it wisely & effectively and crack the SBI Clerk Prelims Examination easily.

To make you use the time efficiently, we are conducting a special SBI CLERK PRELIMS WORKSHOP starting from 14th February.

This 7 days Practice will be taken up to 7 hours per day, schedule provided at the end of the post.

SBI Clerk Prelims Workshop details

Date:  14.02.2020

Time:  8.00 am

Venue: Hall No 81 & 84 ( GR Complex in Chennai).

This Program is scheduled to be conducted in all branches of RACE Institute. Candidates from other branches are kindly confirm their venue for this program from your RED Team Mentor.

Slot 1:

Test 1: Starts @ 08:30 am

Test 2: Starts @ 10:00 am

Test 3: Starts @ 11:30 am

Slot 2:

Test 1: Starts @ 01:30 pm

Test 2: Starts @ 03:00 pm

Test 3: Starts @ 04:30 pm

Doubt Clarification in SBI Clerk Prelims Workshop

For Slot 1 students with explanation for ENGLISH Questions will be given in afternoon session.

For Slot 2 students will be conducted in the morning session of the next day.

We are especially providing two practice halls for the students registered for this SBI CLERK PRELIMS WORKSHOP till 10:00 pm.

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