STEP English Training – Certified Course by The Hindu

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Communication – A vital skill for employability

Communication in English is an essential skill in today’s global workplace. Over 15 million Indians enter the workforce every year and the job market becomes more competitive each year. English skills are necessary to become employable and for succeeding in professional roles.

RACE Institute also acknowledges that English is an essential skill in today’s global workplace and is a key determinant in becoming employable and succeed in professional roles.

By identifying the need of English communication skills which increases our students’ success rate in clearing the competitive exams, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with “STEP – The Hindu Group” to conduct a Special English Training.

RACE Institute in association with The Hindu

STEP English Training in RACE Institute - Certified Course by The Hindu
Race Coaching Institute is teaming up with STEP (An initiative by The Hindu Group), to provide an independent English language course, a vital skill for employability. This unique programme will help you improve your Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills.

Introduction to STEP English Training in RACE

STEP is a division of The Hindu Group Publishing Private Limited is entirely focused on developing English language proficiency testing and training products for Indian youths. It provides online and face-to-face testing and training solutions to measure and improve English proficiency, with focus on Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Grammar Et Vocabulary.

The STEP Training will be offered as a precursor to the regular English Course offered by RACE Institute.

STEP – English Course Details

Course Fee Rs. 2,400 /- (Includes GST)
Course Duration 60 Hours
Classroom Training 20 Hours of face to face & In-class. Get Student workbook for the in-class training.
Online Training 40 Hours of Video Lessons & Training Programs accessible at RACE Labs as well as at HOME.
Extended Access Students will be provided extended access to our 40 hours online program for 1 year to learn-practice and improve their skills.
Online / Offline Classes by All classes are handled by the STEP Faculty Team
Materials Students will be getting Special Materials offered by The Hindu.
Initial Assistant Test One Diagnostic Test will be conducted to ascertain the current level of proficiency.
Personalized Learning Course Content (Online) adapts itself for the Individual learner based on his/her strength & weakness
Tests Cycle Test, Practice Tests Every week. A Grand Test will be conducted at the end of the test progress and Improvement of the Learner.
Course Completion Certificate All students who successfully complete the “Final Course Completion Test” will get hard copy printed certificates at the end of this Course

Students enrolling this Course will become eligible to utilize RACE Computer lab and Library facilities if needed.

A maximum of 40 Students will be allowed per Batch to improve efficiency.

This Course is currently available at RACE Chennai Branch Only.

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