TNPSC Group IV / VAO General English Syllabus

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Part – C – Authors and their Literary Works

1. Match the Poems with the Poets

A psalm of Life – Be the Best – The cry of the children – The Piano – Manliness Going for water – Earth -The Apology – Be Glad your Nose is on your face – The Flying Wonder -Is Life But a Dream – Be the Best – O captain My Captain – Snake – Punishment in Kindergarten -Where the Mind is Without fear – The Man He Killed – Nine Gold Medals

2. Which Nationality the story belongs to?

The selfish Giant – The Lottery Ticket – The Last Leaf – How the Camel got its Hump – Two Friends – Refugee – The Open Window

3. Identify the Author with the short story

The selfish Giant – The Lottery Ticket – The Last Leaf – How the Camel got its Hump – Two Friends – Refugee – The Open Window – A Man who Had no Eyes – The Tears of the Desert – Sam The Piano – The face of Judas Iscariot – Swept Away – A close encounter – Caught Sneezing – The Wooden Bowl – Swami and the sum

4. Whose Auto biography / Biography is this?

5. Which Nationality the Poet belongs to ?

Robert Frost – Archibald Lampman – D.H. Lawrence – Rudyard Kipling Kamala Das – Elizabeth Barrett Browning – Famida Y. Basheer – Thomas Hardy – Khalil Gibran – Edgar A. Guest – Ralph Waldo Emerson – Jack Prelutsky – F. Joanna – Stephen Vincent Benet – William Shakespeare – William Wordsworth – H.W. Long Fellow – Annie Louisa walker – Walt Whitman – V.K. Gokak

6. Characters, Quotes, Important Lines from the following works of Indian Authors:

Sahitya Akademi Award winner: Thakazhi Sivasankaran Pillai –‘Farmer’ Kamala Das – 1. Punishment in Kindergarten 2. My Grandmother’s House R.K. Narayan – Swami and the sum – Rabindranath Tagore – Where the mind is without fear – Dhan Gopal Mukherji – Kari, The Elephant – Deepa Agarwal – After the Storm – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – Vision for the Nation Indra Anantha Krishna- The Neem Tree – Lakshmi Mukuntan- The Ant Eater and the Dassie – Dr. Neeraja Raghavan – The Sun Beam

7. Drama Famous lines, characters, quotes from

Julius Caesar – The Merchant of Venice

8. Match the Places, Poet, Dramatist, Painter with suitable option

9. Match the following Folk Arts with the Indian State / Country

10. Match the Author with the Relevant Title/Character

11. Match the Characters with Relevant Story Title

The Selfish Giant – How the camel got its hump – The Lottery ticket – The Last Leaf – Two friends – Refugee – Open window – Re flowering – The Necklace Holiday

12. About the Poets

Rabindranath Tagore – Henry Wordsworth Longfellow – Anne Louisa Walker -V K Gokak – Walt Whitman – Douglas Malloch

13. About the Dramatists

William Shakespeare – Thomas Hardy

14. Mention the Poem in which these lines occur

Granny, Granny, please comb My Hair – With a friend – To cook and Eat – To India – My Native Land – A tiger in the Zoo – No men are foreign – Laugh and be Merry – The Apology – The Flying Wonder

15. Various works of the following Authors

Rabindranath Tagore – Shakespeare – William Wordsworth – H.W. Longfellow – Anne Louisa Walker – Oscar Wilde – Pearl S. Buck

16. What is the theme observed in the Literary works?

Snake – The Mark of Vishnu – Greedy Govind – Our Local Team – Where the mind is without fear – Keep your spirits high – Be the best – Bat – The Piano – The Model Millionaire – The Cry of the Children – Migrant bird – Shilpi

17. Famous Quotes – Who said this?

18. To Which period the Poets belong

William Shakespeare – Walt Whitman – William Wordsworth – H.W. Longfellow Annie Louisa Walker – D.H. Lawrence

19. Matching the Poets and Poems

Discovery – Biking – Inclusion – Granny, Granny, please comb My Hair – With a Friend – To cook and Eat – Bat – To India – My Native Land – A tiger in the Zoo – No men are foreign – Laugh and be Merry – Earth – The Apology – The Flying Wonder – Off to outer space tomorrow morning – Be the best – Is life, but a dream – Women’s rights – The Nation united – English words – Snake – The man he killed

20. Nature centered Literary works and Global issue Environment and Conservation

Flying with moon on their wings – Migrant bird – Will Thirst Become – Unquenchable? – Going for Water – Swept away – Gaia tells her

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